OPEN: 9:30 ~ 23:30
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OPEN: 9:30 ~ 23:30
VietNam English Japan

You are tired and overworked and want to recharge your spirit from all the stress of those, never ending, day to day, efforts to stay focussed on your goals.
Well, look no further and visit us at Mebuki Spa.
Come and relax with us and let us help you to regain your inner balance.
We are a brand from Japan with a team of trained professionals who are always looking forward to give you that moment of peace.
We offer a vast selection of treatments, inspired by the wisdom of eastern philosophy.
Not only that, we also offer a great range of cosmetics and herbs originated from Japan.
Our products aim for high efficiency and safety for all skin types.
Come to Mebuki Spa and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere - enter an ancient world and enjoy the classic Japanese wood design and traditional Japanese music on your inner journey to comfort and relaxation.
Allow your spirit and your body to detox from all the pollution and visit us now.
What to expect when you visit us at Mebuki Spa?
Contact us and we will ask you a few simple questions about you to find the perfect treatment.
We are looking forward to accompany you on your personal journey to inner peace and beauty.


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