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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an ancient massage method, using hot stones combined with natural essential oils to apply to the body... Xem chi tiết

Foot Massage

Foot massage service at Mebuki Spa is a acupressure massage combined with natural herbal foot bath, to help reduce foot pain... Xem chi tiết

Thai massage

Thai Massage originated from Thailand created by monks, combining techniques of pressing acupressure points to help relax... Xem chi tiết

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a massage technique originating from Japan, acting directly on acupuncture points on the body, helping to... Xem chi tiết

Aroma Massage

Modern society needs to relax more and more beauty. Currently there are also a number of authentic Massage forms in Vietnam.... Xem chi tiết

Mebuki Signatureherbal

Service package for Mebuki Spa customers, the combination of Thai Masage, Aroma massage and Shiatsu Massage packages, helps... Xem chi tiết

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