Shiatsu Massage

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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a massage technique originating from Japan, acting directly on acupuncture points on the body, helping to clear blood vessels, reducing aches and pains, prolonged fatigue.

The Article Need Know About Massage Shiatsu

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One in the shape form of massage styles Japan is love like most present today in HCMC have told to massage Shiatsu. So what is Shiatsu massage ? What type of massage is different from the traditional methods? What is its effect? Ta i TP HCM, then where have these services Massage? Along Mebuki spa go find the pay word in the article later!

What is Shiatsu massage?

The origin of this Shiatsu Massage series comes from a touching story in a country of mourning. A son named Tokujiro Namikoshi because his mother did not want to be aching joints created “the subject m assage” is. In Japan, the organizatio t m assage are widely applied in some schools.

So, what’s the difference with Shiatsu Massage? In Japanese, the word Shiatsu derives from two complainants Shi means thumb and Atsu as A n / override. Massage workers will use their “areas” like the palms and fingers to unlock acupuncture points on the human body.

Today to increase the effectiveness of technological t m assage this is often used with mechanical instruments. This combination offers more optimal results when putting pressure on the skin as well as stimulating the energy source inside the body. This process will help you have moments of total relaxation and absolute relaxation.

Shiatsu massage have any unexpected health benefits?

Japanese Shiatsu Massage is an excellent treatment not only for people with osteoarthritis. They are also effective for people with skin conditions or vision problems.

In Shiatsu reflexology, you can overcome the problem that a certain part of your body has a “wrong” function. By stimulating the acupuncture points, Massage Shiasu will make the function regenerate gradually. To increase effectiveness, you need to maintain the application of Shiatsu Massage regularly.

Curing common common diseases

With Shiatsu reflexology, you can completely overcome common diseases such as migraine, vestibular disorders, long-term headache, high blood pressure / low blood pressure. When using Shiatsu, blood flow will increase and Migraine syndrome will be pushed back.

In addition, this famous Massage technique also has higher applicability when it helps to improve sleep, reduce abdominal pain during menstruation. People who work hard, often have muscle pain can also apply this Shiatsu Massage therapy to overcome.

Help to overcome skin diseases

When you turn 30 years old, the signs of aging will appear more and more pronounced. With Shiatsu Massage method, the process of pressing and massaging will stimulate the blood under the skin and soft tissue around the circulation more easily. Thanks to that, the skin will recover and regenerate better, the speed of aging will slow down, the wrinkles will be pushed back significantly.

When you use this technique, massage therapy called Shiatsu regularly will not only help your skin look better but also stimulate the production of Collagen. The skin will be rosy and shiny, giving you a fresh, vibrant look.

Support bone and joint, digestive

Whatever massage technique is very beneficial for bones and joints. And with force-pressing, twisting and rotating movements on Shiatsu’s body areas, the result is much higher. Regular application will help you reduce joint inflammation.

In parallel with improving the toughness and strength of bone, Shiatsu massage therapy also promotes the process of metabolism more smoothly. Indigestion and bloating, belching will be corrected if you use this Massage technique regularly.

Shiatsu massage at where City?

With surprising effects by methods Massage Shiatsu brings is not hard to understand when the list of Spa applying this technique are many people who use love like , characteristics special is in the area of central heart of the city and the area people Japan .

Conveniently located on the street Le Saint Ton expensive red , in the area complex where intended for people Japan and the contingent ‘s members have business experience many years in the field of massage therapy data . Mebuki Spa is one of the choices to choose the very considerable weight reminder to you when looking for translation services massage Shiatsu.

Inside edge no time charm , comfort warm pressure , are all located rustic desert along incense refined oil lighter gently brought to give you feel sense a move to step in not time , then carefully arts massage Shiatsu of Mebuki spa also brings bold strokes transmission system Japan Baits n bring back to the hotel restaurant is visibly pleased and comfortable roof most .

In order to create favorable conditions for people to enjoy Japanese Orthodox Massage technique, Mebuki Spa always applies affordable price. If you come to the service Traditional Japanese m Shiatsu assage, there are two time packages for you to choose from.

  • Package 1: 60 minutes – 750,000 VND.
  • Package 2: 90 minutes – 1,010,000 VND.

Human most valuable asset is health. When the body is healthy, the spirit will also be “healthy” and that is also the key to happiness. And Shiatsu Massage Therapy was born to help you get there. What are you waiting for without visiting Mebuki Spa to experience this wonderful treatment today ..


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