Aroma Massage

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Aroma Massage

Modern society needs to relax more and more beauty. Currently there are also a number of authentic Massage forms in Vietnam. In which Massage Aroma therapy is receiving a lot of special attention.

So what is Aroma Massage? How does it work for the body? Discover with Mebuki Spa!

What is Aroma Massage?

Since ancient times, in some European countries, how to use essential oils in combination with manual movements to enhance the regulation of the body. Over the course of centuries, modern Aroma Massage Therapy has been formed. In Asia, Japan is the cradle of this top-notch Massage art.

Massage Aroma can be understood simply by using essential oils diluted with moderate content. Then apply directly to the area of ​​the massage area. Professional workers will perform gentle manipulations to help relax the whole body, reduce fatigue and stress. Helping human body need more relaxed and relaxed Massage.

Advantages of Aroma Massage method

The combination of essential oils and methodical movements and warmth from the worker’s hands Massage through the swirling, clawing, compaction forces … will bring many unexpected effects. Let Mebukispa review the advantages brought by the Massage Aroma method.

Fat reduction, effective beauty

When performing massage with Aroma method, the workers will perform stretching, pressing movements (acupuncture points) … At the same time, the warmth from both hands will move from across the area to Massage. This process contributes significantly to the physique beautification process and enhances the exchange between muscles.

Aroma Massage operations not only help blood vessels flow easily but also have an unexpected effect in reducing fat and beautifying. According to some studies, just massage Aroma every 10-15 minutes after 2-3 weeks, the skin will be toned and markedly slimmed.

In addition to reducing fat, long-term Aroma Massage will help you have a deeper sleep, prevent hair loss and itching caused by Eczema. Some essential oils contain VitaminE, C helps brighten and soften skin. At the same time increase the moisturizing process for the body.

Helping happier

Listening to this may seem unreasonable, but it is very reasonable and scientifically proven. Aroma massage stimulates the blood circulation process effectively. Thus hormones Endorphin will be produced to help women relax and feel happier.

In addition, Aroma Massage movements combined with dilute essential oils are also good for the nervous system. Massage people will be transferred energy into the main muscle groups and acupuncture points. Help reduce anxiety, depression, stress …

Relieve the pressures of life

Hustle life and many pressures sometimes make us feel uncomfortable. Aroma Massage method with pleasant aroma of essential oils along with Massage techniques will help your body relax, create a feeling of comfort, freshness and peace.

More specifically, during Aroma massage with essential oils, blood vessels will absorb nutrients through the skin. Smelling will affect the brain’s Limbic lobes. This Limbic lobe is responsible for controlling heart rate, blood pressure, improving memory. Thanks to that work pressure, the level of stress is greatly reduced. Hormones are also balanced.

Some other effects of Massage Aroma

Besides the great areas mentioned above, the Massage Aroma method also has some other effects. When you regularly apply this Massage technique , the body will have more positive changes.

Some of Massage Aroma’s effects must be mentioned:

– Purify your body and especially your skin. Helps youthful and vibrant skin. Stimulates blood vessels and increases red blood cell mass.
– Promoting the ability of the lymphatic system as well as the pure system. The exchange between muscle joints, muscles and blood vessels is also more flexible.
– Improve physique, increase elasticity for muscles and joints. Especially for middle-aged women, the body is gradually developing osteoarthritis.
– Eliminate lactic acid causing fatigue and aches in the body. At the same time increase kidney activity and limit protein variants. In some cases Aroma Massage also breaks down uric acid, boosts the immune system, stimulates nerves.

Where should you massage Aroma?


If you want to find a prestigious and professional Spa in Aroma Massage field, Mebuki Spa is the # 1 choice for you. Why come to “scent solutions” at Spa Mebuki?

– Mebuki Spa is a rare place, originating from Japan and of course “inheriting” the best Aroma Massage art. More importantly, Mebuki Spa owns a team of professional and trained Massage technicians.
– Room Aroma Massage is very warm to create a relaxing feeling for customers. Besides the form of Massage essential oil, there are many other forms for customers to choose.
– Mebuki Spa culture is to satisfy customers from the smallest details. Come to Mebuki “customers are gods”. Service staff is considerate, attentive, professional and polite.

As a beauty spa is highly appreciated in perfection and perfection in almost all stages. Mebuki Spa is sure to bring to each customer the most memorable experience.

From the well-executed movements to the attentive service attitude and gentle essential oils, customers will dispel worries and sorrows after stressful working hours. More importantly, you can feel the “voice” from your body in a positive way. Please come immediately to Mebuki Spa to feel the difference of Massage Aroma!

  • Mebuki Spa là một địa điểm hiếm, có nguồn gốc từ Nhật Bản và tất nhiên sẽ “kế thừa” được nghệ thuật Massage trị liệu hoàn hảo nhất. Đó đủ chứng minh về chất lượng dịch vụ, độ uy tín của một doanh nghiệp trong điều kiện kinh doanh cực kỳ cạnh tranh như hiện nay.
  • Mebuki Spa sở hữu đội ngũ kỹ thuật viên Massage chuyên nghiệp, được đào tạo bài bản nhất.
  • Khu vực yên tĩnh kết hợp với không gian phòng Massage rất ấm áp tạo cảm giác thư giãn cho quý khách hàng ngay khi vừa đặt chân đến
  • Văn hoá Mebuki Spa là làm hài lòng khách hàng từ những chi tiết nhỏ nhất. Đến với Mebuki “khách hàng là thượng đế”. Nhân viên phục vụ ân cần, chu đáo, chuyên nghiệp và lễ phép.
  • Là một Spa làm đẹp được đánh giá cao ở sự chỉnh chu và hoàn thiện ở hầu hết tất cả các khâu. Mebuki Spa tin chắc sẽ mang đến cho mỗi khách hàng những trải nghiệm đáng nhớ nhất.
  • Không bao giờ phát sinh thêm bất kỳ một chi phí nào khác. Đây cũng là một trong những lý do khiến khách hàng rất yên tâm khi đến MEBUKI Spa.

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