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Great things always stay in your mind.

Customers after more than 1 year still remember each position at mebuki Spa. The quality of spa services every day is improving.

Only our Mebuki Spa is here for customers to book every day. Schedule us now to serve you:

“About a year ago I had not visited this store, the decoration of the store had changed a lot, and I felt the kind of atmosphere in nature. And how to find this spa shop? At that time, I could see the variety of plants in this store because I wanted to try new things and the environment, and walk around…. ”

- Yamasaki Winnie 

“大概有快一年未到這間店來參訪,店面的裝潢也格外的大改變了,感覺有種在大自然底下的氣息。而如何發現到這間SPA店?那時是在因想要嘗試新的事物和環境,以及四處走路當中看到這間店外觀好多植物的擺設,一位他們的員工微笑細心的跟你介紹,也促使我印象特別深刻。 這天的參訪,店經理和員工的服務,很細心的微笑詢問你是否已預約,然後請您換上鞋子,放入他們的鞋櫃來,先請顧客喝上一杯熱熱的黑麥茶(我想是這個味道),然後吃上他們越南的名產_薑和黃豆,一種暖暖你的胃和甜甜你的心,是真的還滿放鬆!

這次做的SPA是 Mebuki Signature-60mint, 在這過程裡,即使只是短短的60mint, 但Ms.Thuong很仔細地在身體的每個穴道去幫忙顧客調整和放鬆你的身心,這感覺特別很感動。


很推薦大家可以來這間店 (服務的店員,即使沒有說到很流利的英文,但還是很努力解釋和微笑服務給予顧客)這點真的很棒!!

いつもの店 優しい,”


Feeling happy!

Super cute dear customer !!
2 days of going to the spa because ...
"I love it so much!"
If I like it, I'll go!
Like the way dedicated service, like the closeness, like the skilled workmanship of the ktv here, ..
And billion billion likes.

Unique Japanese style spa
in Vn :-P 


What kind of massage is the “lymphatic massage” you often see?

(╹◡╹) What is the effect of lymphatic massage?

If the lymphatics work poorly, fat accumulates.

By helping the lymph (fluid) flowing through the body to flow smoothly, it is possible to change the body to easily excrete water and waste products.

The better the lymph flow, the better the metabolism, and the better it can be to prevent swelling and weight gain.

Regular holiday / Thursday business hours / 9: 30-24: 00 (reception hours / 9: 30-22: 30)

☆ Reservations:予約メブキスパ
iMessages: 093 178 0865


55 Ham Nghi Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (opposite Bitexco). (Mebuki Spa now has a back gate. Go right into the address 76E Pham Viet Chanh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, there is an entrance, you will see an orange shop.)

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