What is the attraction of acupressure massage at Mebuki Spa?

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Acupressure massage is an extremely effective treatment method for human health since ancient times. So what benefits does this massage bring us? If you want acupressure massage, which reputable facility should you go to? All your questions will be answered in detail by Mebuki Spa in the following article.

Prestigious acupressure massage

What is acupressure massage?

This is a therapeutic method that uses the force of the hands and fingers to act on the skin, acupoints, and blood vessels to heal or relax the body. Acupressure changes the nervous, humoral and endocrine systems in a positive way. As a result, the working ability of the nervous system is improved and strengthened.

Acupressure massage is operated on the principle that body parts are closely connected. Therefore, when pressing acupuncture points, it will open the whole body’s meridians.

What is acupressure massage?

Why is acupressure massage so popular nowadays?

Overall, this is a simple way to massage after a tiring day of studying, working and playing. Besides, it also has very effective preventive and curative effects in traditional medicine. In addition to using medicine to treat diseases, acupressure also plays a very important role.

Sometimes acupressure massage is more effective than taking medicine. Long-term use of drugs is harmful to health, while acupressure helps blood circulation better, which helps a lot when healing. If done correctly, the right technique, this method is extremely effective.

Why is acupressure massage so popular nowadays?

Some uses of acupressure massage you should know

Cure joint pain

Acupressure massage brings effective use for those who are suffering from this disease. As you all know, acupressure is using your hands to act on parts of the body, namely nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, it has the effect of reducing pain, relaxing muscles and limiting joint degeneration. Patients who are suffering from joint pain should use this method every day.

Full body relaxation

If you have to walk often, your whole body will fall into a state of fatigue, especially the feet that are most affected. Many Oriental medicine experts recommend that, use your hands before using needles. Thereby, it can be seen the importance of acupressure massage.

Using your fingers to press acupressure points throughout the body helps you dispel fatigue and rebalance the circulatory system. It releases negative energy to absorb positive energy into the body.

Full body relaxation

Treatment of neck and shoulder pain

Nowadays, neck pain is a disease that almost everyone suffers from. It is caused by living habits such as sitting for too long in one position or lying on one side too much. Shoulder and neck pain cause us many problems. Therefore, many people have come to acupressure massage to overcome this situation.

Ideally, people should correct their sitting, walking, standing, and lying postures to limit shoulder and neck pain. We should not sit or lie down for too long, let’s regularly walk and do gentle exercise to relax the tendons.

Cure edema, numbness of limbs

This is also a very familiar symptom that many people are suffering from. The main cause of this condition is irregular blood circulation. Therefore, acupressure massage helps to stimulate better blood circulation, repelling edema of limbs.

Treatment of neck and shoulder pain

Acupressure massage process at Mebuki Spa

For acupressure massage, you must lie on a bed, carpet or floor for the most comfortable and relaxing body. Massage staff will massage the whole body and focus mainly on the neck, back, shoulders, or anywhere that the customer requests. The massage steps at Mebuki Spa are as follows:

Gentle body massage

Each part needs a different massage force starting from the neck and ending at the soles of the feet. The back and legs use more force to massage than areas such as the neck, abdomen, and waist. Ensure pain relief and body comfort.

Use force mainly from hands and fingers

After a gentle massage to warm up, the masseuse will use hand force to massage the whole body with the following movements:

  • Place your hands on the area to be massaged and then put your hands parallel to each other.
  • Use your hands to stroke the muscles down, repeat this movement for 10-12 minutes, then stop.

In addition to this, the masseuse can also rub the palms together until they are warm and then massage. At Mebuki Spa, we use extra essential oils for a more effective massage.

Acupressure massage to relax the whole body

  • Shoulder and back area: People who often have pain in this area are mainly office workers because they sit a lot and are sedentary. The masseuse will press on the acupoints of feng shui, tenacity, perseverance, and feng shui to relieve tension and help cervical vertebrae work better.
  • Head area: Headaches and tension are a phenomenon that occurs in most of us, this is also the cause of insomnia. Therefore, acupressure massage with internal organs, bonds, temples, and architecture will effectively reduce pain.
  • Feet: The foot is the part that has to walk a lot and bear the whole body’s load. Therefore, the legs are often tired and aching. It is necessary to massage acupuncture points such as Thua Son, Phong Thi, Doc Tu, Phong Long, and De Mi to increase blood circulation.

Acupressure massage process at Mebuki Spa

Why should acupressure massage at Mebuki Spa?

Mebuki Spa is a unit providing the most prestigious and quality acupressure massage services nationwide today. We apply this massage method to treat the body to give you a healthy and full of vitality body. Mebuki Spa is trusted by a large number of domestic and foreign customers because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Facilities at Spa are up to standards, modern equipment and machines are imported from abroad.
  • The staff, technicians and specialists are well trained in acupressure massage techniques.
  • All customers receive incentives and promotions when using services at Mebuki Spa.
  • In addition to acupressure massage, we also have Thai massage, shiatsu massage, neck and shoulder pain therapy. Coming to Mebuki, customers will enjoy the best service, the most professional and the cheapest price in the market.

Why should acupressure massage at Mebuki Spa?

Above is all information about acupressure massage that Mebuki Spa wants to share with you. Mebuki is committed to bringing the most satisfaction to all customers. If you are having pain in your whole body or have a disease related to bones and joints, please contact us immediately for advice and support as soon as possible.

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