The best quality acupressure massage therapy 2022

Why should you choose Foot and Body Massage near you Combo ?
After you get experience foot and body massage in 90 minutes within hot stone appling, customers will continue to have a free sauna with Hinoki wood that is the best combination for the combo service package. Our treatment help you to increase blood circulation, eliminating toxins for the skin, strengthening the immune system,… Your energy will get regenerate in the best way for the next working day.”
To be able to find the right spa near you, you can go to google and search for keywords: “Body massage near me”

With the rapid development of acupressure massage parlors in Ho Chi Minh City today, surely you are wondering in choosing a reputable place. Don’t worry, the following article will help you find the most reputable, quality and safe acupressure massage place for you.

Prestigious acupressure massage

Introduction of acupressure massage service at Mebuki Spa TP. Ho Chi Minh City

What is acupressure massage service?

  • Until now, massage is a form of supporting disease treatment and health promotion that is widely used and handed down by people. Today, the form of massage is more and more developed with many different therapeutic methods, treating many different diseases.
  • Acupressure points are acupressure points scattered throughout the human body. These acupoints are considered to be the place to store life energy (air flow).
  • The form of massage on acupressure points of the body is called acupressure massage. With the form of impact on acupressure points to help blood vessels more easily circulate. The source of energy or the flow of qi can work best in the body.
  • As life develops, the entertainment needs are enhanced, especially in terms of health. This is one of the most effective and popular ways to relax the body today.

What therapy is acupressure massage based on?

  • Mainly using acupressure and massage therapy for the purpose of opening the meridians, circulating blood, bringing refreshment. In addition to improving health, massage also helps to rejuvenate the body and strengthen the resistance of each person.
  • This method takes a lot of time and money but undeniably its outstanding effectiveness after putting effort, time and money to follow the process.

The effects of acupressure massage

  • Acupressure massage stimulates blood circulation, increases collagen for the body to help users have a beautiful smooth skin.
  • Relieve fatigue and stress through massage and acupressure. Relieve muscle and joint pain: neck, hand, shoulder, back…
  • Helps to dilate blood vessels in the body to help blood circulate better.
  • This method has a good effect on respiration, blood circulation, helping to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate.

Acupressure massage service at Mebuki Spa TP. Ho Chi Minh City

Types of acupressure massage at Mebuki Spa TP. Ho Chi Minh City

Each acupressure massage usually takes about 60 – 120 minutes. Customers have many options such as neck – shoulder – nape massage, full body massage, foot bath.

Full body acupressure massage

People who have to do heavy work often, or have body aches and pains, can choose full body nourishing massage to restore health and strengthen resistance. When using this therapy, the client will be placed on their stomach and relax the whole body.

Acupressure massage in the neck – shoulder – nape area

When you are an office worker, having to sit for many hours every day is easy to get diseases related to the neck – shoulder – nape area. Acupressure massage is the best and most effective service for you. However, this method is not effective with: broken bones, damaged bones from the inside, osteoporosis …

Head and face acupressure massage

Working, studying, or suffering from vestibular disorders, this is an effective method for you. Massage the head and face area to help treat: Toothache, headache, regulate heart rate…

In addition, acupressure massage in the face area also helps to stimulate bowel movements, which is an effective method in supporting the treatment of constipation.

Head and face acupressure massage

Back reflexology massage

Back pain is a disease that many people encounter, it affects a lot in daily life. Causes many difficulties in living, working, walking…Massage pressing acupressure points in the back has the effect of treating pain and opening blood vessels.

Massage combines many movements: rubbing, squeezing, squeezing, acupressure, punching… along with the need to adjust the level of movements to suit the customer’s feelings. Bringing you the most wonderful and relaxing experiences.

Hand and foot reflexology massage

To reduce stress or control some pain in the body, acupressure massage in hands and feet is a method that is also popular with many people. Even at acupressure points in the hand – foot area, when massaged, it also brings questionable effects to users: Reduces numbness in hands and feet, relieves abdominal pain, regulates meridians, regulates blood pressure…

Head and face acupressure massage

Mebuki Spa – A prestigious acupressure massage center in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City

Mebuki Spa is proud to be one of the number one massage centers in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. With many years of working with a team of experienced staff. Mebuki Spa will be a massage place that will not disappoint customers.

The central location is easy to find in Binh Thanh District, HCMC. As a place to provide reflexology massage services near District 1, Mebuki Spa is committed to giving customers the best experience with:

Specializing in traditional acupressure massage according to folk methods of traditional medicine. Healthy acupressure massage for all genders. Mebuki Spa has 3 types of massage:  Thai acupressure massage, tissue acupressure, whole body acupressure.

Reputable acupressure massage center in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City

Come to Mebuki Spa – we are committed to bringing good quality and the healthiest acupressure massage services to all customers in Ho Chi Minh City. If you have any problems related to neck and shoulder pain, come to Mebuki Spa, we will help you effectively solve this problem.


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Address:  55 Hàm Nghi, P.Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, HCM.

Hotline:  0931780865 – 028 2253 6695.


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