The address of Binh Thanh body massage spa is interested by many people

Mebukispa is the Binh Thanh body massage spa that receives the most attention and choice. Here, customers can experience the best healthcare services. Guaranteed to make you satisfied and impressed. For more information, let’s explore this article with us.

Binh Thanh body massage spa

What does body massage mean?

Body massage is one of the methods of physical impact by using hands, feet and equipment to move and vibrate muscles and bones. Will impact on human acupoints to improve fatigue, help mental and physical become better. This is considered the most popular top-notch body massage method today.

The above actions are usually rubbing, kneading, punching, pressing and pressing, etc. The person performing these massage exercises can use their hands, elbows, fingers, feet and knees, or they can use their own tools. All massage activities are gentle and flexible with high efficiency.

What does body massage mean?

What is special about mebukispa body massage spa in Binh Thanh?

Mebukispa – Binh Thanh body massage spa has a peaceful space with rustic tones as the main accent and softens the eyes with green patches to bring you a feeling of freshness. Mebuki Spa is one of the premium Binh Thanh body massage spas that use essential oils and completely natural herbs to care for your body and skin. It is designed with separate rooms, so that you have your own space when coming here to experience relaxation.

Beauty care services here are also very diverse with: relaxing hot stone massage, natural essential oil sauna, sauna, facial steaming, pedicure care, etc. In addition, the service price is quite soft, so this is considered a big plus, so it attracts many interested and selected customers.

What is special about Mebukispa body massage spa in Binh Thanh?

What forms does Binh Thanh massage have?

Here, we will provide you with the forms of body massage in Binh Thanh for your reference. As follows:

  • Deep tissue massage is a technique that uses manual force on layers of tissue and tendons. This has the effect of reducing muscle tension and fatigue after long working hours. In addition, it also has an effect. Helps reduce blood volume, pressure and hormone production in the body.
  • Full body massage is suitable for office workers who have to sit a lot. This method uses gentle massage movements combined with aromatic oils to support venous drainage and blood circulation. In addition, it also helps to reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Thai massage with muscle tension technique directly affects the parts of the body. This helps to open up the meridians in the patient’s body. The employee uses his or her body weight on both hands to stretch the muscle and continuously move it from one position to another. This type of massage is like a yoga practice with quick results.

What forms does Binh Thanh massage have?

Steps to perform a professional massage process

At our Binh Thanh body massage spa center. The massage is performed in a fairly simple sequence of steps but requires the professionalism and skill of the technicians. More precisely, about the whole body massage process as follows:

  • Step 1: The staff will perform massage as well as acupressure on the back and body. Let the body begin to stretch and feel lighter.
  • Step 2: After the massage is done, the experts will take hot stones to massage on your skin. This way is to improve blood circulation, for the blood in the body to circulate more active.
  • Step 3: Next, the staff will conduct foot reflexology.
  • Step 4: The technician performs a blood circulation massage in the thighs and shins to help relax muscles effectively. From there, the body will become healthier and more comfortable.
  • Step 5: Continue acupressure to open up the meridians, help reduce excess fat and eliminate all waste products accumulated inside the body.
  • Step 6: Combine 2 forms of massage using hot stones and natural essential oils at the same time to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Step 7: Massage the hands and shoulders to help relieve aches and pains.
  • Step 8: Finally, massage the head and neck area will help the body become relaxed, calm, reduce stress and stress. As a result, you will feel comfortable and at ease. The body will become rosy and fresher than ever.

Steps to perform a professional massage process

The article has provided you with information about Binh Thanh body massage spa. Hopefully through that you will know more about Mebuki spa and come to experience the attractive services here, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Wish you always have a lot of luck in this beautiful life.

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