Mebuki Spa – Prestigious and good price Binh Thanh Massage Spa facility

If you are looking for a Binh Thanh massage facility with top quality services, come to Mebuki Spa right away. So what are the advantages here? Let’s go with Mebuki Spa to find out the article below!

Prestigious and good price Binh Thanh Massage Spa facility

What forms does Binh Thanh massage have?

Massage Binh Thanh has some of the following popular forms:

  • Deep tissue massage is a method of applying manual force to layers of tissue and tendons. This has the effect of releasing muscle tension and fatigue after long working hours. In addition, it also works to help lower blood pressure and produce hormones for the body.
  • Full body massage is suitable for office workers who have to sit for a long time and be sedentary. This method uses gentle massage movements combined with aromatic oils to help open veins and blood circulation. In addition, it also helps reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Thai massage with methods of muscle tension techniques directly impact on body parts. This helps to open up the meridians in the patient’s body. The staff will use the weight of the body on the hands to stretch the muscles and move continuously from one position to another. This type of massage is like a yoga method with quick results.

What are the Binh Thanh massage packages at Mebuki Spa?

Combo Foot + Body

  • The massage exercises of the Foot + Body combo help relieve fatigue and pain with criteria such as:
  • Full body relaxing massage.
  • Perform a body scrub for 10 minutes.
  • Intensive acupressure for 30 minutes.
  • Thai/Aroma/Mebuki Signature body massage is integrated.
  • Promotion customers with 15 minutes of hot stone to relax the body and 30 minutes of sauna completely free of charge.

Combo foot and hand massage 120 minutes

The 120 massage service package at Mebuki Spa includes:

  • Relaxing foot and hand massage and exfoliating for 10 minutes.
  • Intensive acupressure on feet and hands for 30 minutes.
  • Deep pressure acupressure in the shoulder and nape area.
  • Promotion customers add hot stone massage package.

What are the Binh Thanh massage packages at Mebuki Spa?

Benefits of Binh Thanh massage service at Mebuki Spa

Customers who come to Mebuki Spa to use Binh Thanh massage service will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Fix the health and spirit of the client. Helps relieve stress caused by stress in work and daily life.
  • Massage helps blood circulation to help the body relax. In addition, it also helps muscle areas to relax and improve conditions of osteoarthritis pain, neck and shoulder pain, …
  • After massage helps customers sleep better, sleep more deeply and stay awake at work.
  • Massage removes toxins inside the body and helps stabilize blood pressure very effectively.
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system, increase resistance to help fight against minor diseases very well.
  • Helps to burn fat, make skin more beautiful and smooth.

Benefits of Binh Thanh massage service at Mebuki Spa

Why should you choose Binh Thanh massage at Mebuki Spa?

Binh Thanh Massage at Mebuki Spa commits to customers on the following criteria:

  • Spa space is always guaranteed on criteria such as airy, beautifully decorated interior to bring a pleasant feeling to customers.
  • Ensure to bring a quiet space for customers to massage will have the best moments of rest.
  • Each customer will have a certain relaxation space. So you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by loud noises, talking or machinery.
  • The space and soothing music therapy help the client’s spirit to be relaxed and comfortable.
  • Mebuki Spa uses aromatic essential oils with a gentle and pleasant style. Relaxing tea is available for customers.
  • The staff at Mebuki Spa are always proud of their experience in working and serving customers in each service package here. All massage treatments are geared towards the customer experience.
  • In addition to the usual massage packages, here, we also have other massage packages such as foot massage, full body massage, sauna massage, body massage…
  • The cost of purchasing Binh Thanh massage service packages is suitable for the customer’s pocket. Ensure that the money that customers spend will be worth what customers receive at Mebuki Spa.
  • Massage is safe and suitable for all genders and ages. Especially elderly customers with blood pressure or pain diseases will be taken care of by us.

Why should you choose Binh Thanh massage at Mebuki Spa?

Looking for Binh Thanh massage facility where?

To find quality Binh Thanh massage facilities, come to Mebuki Spa right away. Customers can search for the facility through the address: District 1 center. Or refer to the full address, which is 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. The space at Mebuki Spa always has a comfortable space that promises to give customers the best service experience.

Come to Mebuki Spa to learn and experience the best Binh Thanh massage services. We are committed to always providing our customers with the most prestigious and quality services available today. Do not hesitate any longer, come to Mebuki Spa to experience the service right away!

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