Binh Thanh reflexology massage at Mebuki

Binh Thanh reflexology massage is a phrase that has been searched a lot on social networks in recent times. This is a signal that people are increasingly interested in and trusting the benefits of reflexology massage. Mebuki will bring all the useful information to introduce to you.

Binh Thanh reflexology massage

What is acupressure massage?

Acupressure massage is a method of using hands to affect the acupressure points, skin, and tendons of the patient.

That physical impact will stimulate the circulatory system, the nervous system to create positive changes. Besides restoring the body, it also makes the patient’s spirit more excited and comfortable.

If acupressure massage is done with the right technique and the right course of treatment, it will bring significant results. Reality shows that, not all cures using good medicine are also good.

Acupressure massage has special significance in medicine in particular and in life in general. This method not only helps people to prevent diseases, but also works to treat diseases.

For example, neck and shoulder pain, bone and joint diseases, numbness in the limbs, migraine, muscle tendon pain.

What is acupressure massage?

What are the effects of reflexology massage?

There is no denying the benefits that reflexology massage brings to people. Therefore, Binh Thanh reflexology massage is receiving more and more attention. Here are some of the amazing benefits of this method.

Limit the process of osteoarthritis, cure joint pain

This is a very common disease, especially among middle-aged people. The massage combined with acupressure will affect the blood vessels, muscles to relieve pain, circulate blood.

Thus, the process of osteoarthritis of the patient will slow down, the pain will also be relieved.

Treatment of nerve damage

Acupressure massage has the effect of treating nerve damage. Some diseases such as: intercostal neuralgia, sciatica. Or tachycardia, high blood pressure, peripheral nerve VII paralysis.

Strengthen the immune system, regenerate youthful skin

Acupressure massage boosts the immune system because it acts directly on the body. From there, our whole body will be reduced pain, reduce fatigue, nerves will be relaxed.

Therefore, organ function is regulated, digestive function is improved. The skin is also so rosy, youthful and shiny.

What are the effects of reflexology massage?

What to keep in mind when doing acupressure massage

Acupressure massage is very good but should not be abused indiscriminately. Some patients cannot use this method such as: People with unstable nerves, people with skin diseases, people at risk of accidents, people with open wounds.

Acupressure massage achieves the highest results when the masseuse is technically knowledgeable and well-trained.

You can do your own massage at home with some simple movements such as massage, kneading, kneading, squeezing. However, reflexology requires understanding and knowledge in the field.

If you do not know about acupressure but do it yourself, it can cause unpredictable consequences. Therefore, go to a prestigious spa such as Binh Thanh acupressure massage of Mebuki to receive acupressure massage technicians.

Acupressure massage must follow the course. That course will depend on your health condition. Each massage should last from 60 to 120 minutes to relax the body completely.

Mebuki’s Binh Thanh reflexology massage facility

Nowadays, people’s demand for health care and treatment is increasing. In parallel, spas are opening more and more.

Choosing a place for reliable Binh Thanh reflexology massage is not easy. If you are wondering if you should go to the spa, find out about Mebuki spa right away.

As one of the pioneer spa facilities in the field of massage and beauty, Mebuki has never disappointed customers. Here, you not only get acupressure massage but also experience a variety of massage types.

Typically, traditional massage, Japanese, Thai, sports massage, trigger point massage.

Each massage session will last from 60 – 120, even 150 minutes under the skillful and supple hands of the technician. Staff and massage technicians at Mebuki are all well-trained, deeply knowledgeable about massage types and reflexology techniques.

How to experience the services at Mebuki? You can first contact us via hotline or direct message on the website. Then clearly state the condition you are having, we will advise the appropriate course and quote a specific price.

Mebuki’s Binh Thanh reflexology massage facility

In medical schools, acupressure massage is a very important non-drug treatment subject. Thereby, we see that this method has been recognized and used by medicine. If you are having a health and mental condition, come to Mebuki Spa Binh Thanh reflexology massage right away.

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