Body massage in District 2 for massage enthusiasts

Currently, there are more and more places serving  body massage in District 2  on the market. Each establishment will have many ways to advertise heavily in the media to attract customers. However, it is difficult to distinguish where is a reputable body massage point in District 2. Today Mebuki will help you identify reputable establishments through the following article.

Body massage in District 2 for massage enthusiasts

Mebuki Spa – great massage choice

Mebuki Spa is one of the famous and loved Spa facilities in recent years. Because of its luxurious design with warm colors, the quiet space brings comfort to customers when coming here.

Confident is a professional Spa facility, providing professional services for everyone. The staff always promises to bring every customer absolute satisfaction when coming here.

Mebuki Spa provides many services such as beauty, sauna, massage and especially the body massage service in District 2. The services here are performed in a methodical manner, following a clear process. In addition, the technicians are all experienced people, trained from Japanese experts.

Mebuki always improves service packages by combining methods of many famous countries for massage such as Thailand, Korea, Japan, etc. In addition, the materials used for massage here are also natural or Imported from Japan, ensuring safety and health for customers.

Besides, when experiencing  body massage in District 2  at Mebuki, you will have the opportunity to receive many incentives and free gifts here. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment to have a wonderful time at Mebuki Spa!

Introducing body massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa

Today, the interest in body massage is increasing for all ages. Therefore, there are also many establishments providing body massage services in District 2.

However, not everyone is confident to go to massage facilities to use the service. Many people want to but are still afraid and worried about other people’s eyes. More than that, self-deprecation and psychology are still shy.

Understanding that mentality of most customers, Mebuki confidently builds the image of a Spa facility that everyone can feel secure when coming here. Is a basis for you to feel completely confident and comfortable for all subjects. Mebuki Spa confidently commits:

  • As a prestigious body massage facility in District 2, with a legal business registration license.
  • The products used are all natural with clear origin, ensuring safety when used.
  • Although Mebuki is not a  body massage in District 2 , it is located in the city center, convenient for commuting.
  • The methods used here are standard methods. The process steps are clear, achieve the highest efficiency.
  • Enthusiastic staff, always respect customers. The technicians are highly skilled, professional, and have been trained for many years.
  • All equipment used is modern equipment and imported from abroad.
  • Many combos with different prices, suitable for the choice of each object.
  • Create many incentives, vouchers for customers when coming here, especially loyal customers.

Introducing body massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa

Combo body massage in District 2 is being loved at Mebuki Spa

Recently, to serve the needs of  body massage in District 2  of customers and create conditions for customers to choose their favorite services. Mebuki has released many different combos.

Two of them are Foot & Body combo for 90 minutes and comprehensive massage combo for 120 minutes which are popularly chosen. Information about combos is as follows:

Body massage combo in District 2 Foot & Body limited to 90 minutes

If you are a working person who travels a lot and wants to relax your legs, choose the Foot & Body combo in 90 minutes. In this combo you have the opportunity to relax for up to 150 minutes, not just 90 minutes.

With 150 minutes you will feel the body is completely relaxed, reduce stress and especially reduce muscle tension. In addition, it also avoids some unnecessary diseases.

In this combo Mebuki offers the following relaxation steps: the first 10 minutes of relaxation and foot scrub. The next 30 minutes will be intensively massaged by massage technicians. Then 60 minutes of body massage with optional packages.

Package options include Thai/ Aroma/ Mebuki Signature. In addition, you also get completely free gifts when you massage at Mebuki. It was 15 minutes of hot stone relaxation followed by 30 minutes of sauna.

Combo body massage time 120 minutes

Unlike the combo body massage in District 2 before focusing on foot massage. In this combo, you will get a full body massage within 150 minutes instead of 120 minutes. With this combo, you have the opportunity to experience treatments with high technology and modern machines, you can be completely assured.

Some relaxing steps in this combo are: relax your feet by exfoliating your feet for 10 minutes. 30 minutes of foot massage by intensive acupressure method, from highly skilled technicians.

45 minutes of relaxation by acupressure method specializing in the back of the neck and shoulders (cost 650,000 VND). 45 minutes full body massage, can choose the massage package available at Spa which is Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature.

Finally, there is a chance to receive 15 minutes of hot stone and 30 minutes of sauna from Mebuki, when you come directly to massage here.

Combo body massage in District 2

So through the above article, Mebuki has provided you with the necessary information so that you can choose a quality  body massage in District 2 . If you believe it, don’t forget to visit  Mebuki Spa  to experience attractive massage treatments here right now! Wish you will have fun and relaxing moments when coming to Mebuki Spa.

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