Relax at the body massage spa near District 1

Today, body massage spa near District 1 are chosen by many people to relax and take care of their health. So what is body massage? How is the use? Which address is reputable? Let’s find out more details with Mebuki spa under this article!

Body massage spa near District 1

What is body massage?

Body massage is the most popular and popular treatment method today at body massage spas near District 1. This is one of the basic skills that uses force from the hands to act on acupuncture points on the body to bring many beneficial effects on human health.

Body massage spa near District 1 are combined with some herbs, aromatherapy, hot stones, … In order to bring different effects to each part. You will be completely satisfied with the results that this wonderful treatment brings.

Instructions for spa-standard body massage

To bring the best effect, the techniques in each massage must also be correct and correct. Here are 5 golden techniques that Mebuki spa will reveal to you when performing body massage:

Step 1: Body massage technique

This is the first and also extremely important technique before entering the body massage process. This helps the client’s body relax and unwind when it comes to high-intensity exercises. The massage technique also requires the softness and flexibility of the palm to act on the parts to be massaged.

Step 2: Body squeeze technique

The massage technique is one of the main steps in the body massage spa near District 1. Unlike the massage technique, this step requires specialists to combine a certain amount of force to keep the finger bones and hand joints more. Moreover, it must ensure accuracy when performing on circuits without causing discomfort or pain to customers.

Step 3: Body stroking technique

The technique of stroking the body is the technique of using the palms and fingers. Then move up the body gently to help relax muscles and stimulate blood circulation. This technique requires the performer to rotate continuously and regularly. It will definitely bring you the most realistic results.

Step 4: Body press technique

Compared to other techniques, this is a technique that requires the practitioner to have a deep understanding of the vessels and acupuncture points. From there, it is possible to determine the correct and reasonable click points. If the therapist does not have a stable technique or lack of knowledge, the entire massage will not bring the best effect. Therefore, you should choose a quality and reputable body massage spa location near District 1 to bring wonderful moments of relaxation!

Step 5: Body punching technique

This is the final technique used in body massage. This technique is performed to help the body relax the muscles and relax the tendons. However, each area of ​​the body needs to be applied a different force.

Instructions for spa-standard body massage

Body massage services at Mebuki Spa

Coming to Mebuki spa, customers will experience great quality services. Not only brings high efficiency for health but also is an ideal place to relax for tired working days. Mebuki spa offers you 2 most prominent body massage spa near District 1, including:

Combo 90 minutes

Combo 120 minutes, customers will experience more than 160 minutes in reality. Details of the 120-minute combo process are as follows:

  • 10′ First you will relax your feet and exfoliate your feet.
  • Massage and relax the soles of your feet for the next 30 minutes
  • 45′ Intensive acupressure and shoulder and neck treatment worth up to 650,000VND.
  • 45′ Body Massage, choose from any of the famous massage packages available at Mebuki spa such as: Thai/Shi/ Aroma or Mebuki.
  • 15′ Hot stone massage included to help relieve pain and relax.
  • 30′ Free sauna after massage.

Combo 120 minutes

  • 10 minutes to remove makeup and clean face.
  • 20 Minutes of exfoliating, facial steaming, softening skin.
  • 45-minute facial, head and hand massage worth up to 600,000 VND.
  • 30 Minutes of intensive acupressure and relaxation treatment tailored to the wishes of the client.
  • 25 Minutes of masking and steaming the skin.
  • Free 30 minutes of sauna when experiencing combo.

Body massage services at Mebuki Spa

Hopefully through the above article, you have understood what is body massage? The great benefits and efficiency that this method brings. What are you waiting for, do not schedule and experience the body massage spa service near District 1 at Mebuki spa right now! Wish you have the most relaxing moments with family and friends!

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