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Mr. Hung (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi): If I knew early, I would be your regular customer for a long time. He really felt his body a lot better, more excited spirit, he no longer have pain in the neck and waist, no matter how much he still sits in the office like that.

Ms. Linh (Cau Giay, Hanoi): Recognizing that since she went to massage regularly, she felt better eating, sleeping more deeply, her skin was rosy. She also no longer stressed much and her writing an outline for a research paper shoulder was reduced.

Well, until the end there is only one thing that you can own forever in this world, it is your own health.

No one can avoid the hustle and bustle of life, but be wise. With only 120 minutes of steam, healthy massage every week, you have achieved unexpected health benefits.

Don’t start when it’s too late, start today.

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⭐ For the skin: Regular body massage stimulates the endocrine gland to work more smoothly, while reducing the amount of mucus secreted through the pores, helping you have a shiny and healthy skin. than.

Tuần For circulatory system: Body Massage has a special effect on organs like the heart. Because when you massage, the clawing and pressing movements will dilate the vessels to reduce pressure on the heart and directly promote faster blood circulation.

Cơ For muscular and joint systems: With repeated movements, stroking along the repeated muscle bundle will quickly remove the tension and soreness in the muscles, returning you a muscle. supple body, fullness of mind.

Tiêu For the digestive system: Has the effect of enhancing peristalsis of the stomach and intestines and improving digestive function. When the function of digestive secretions (stomach, intestines, liver) is poor, strong stimulation to increase secretion. When digestive secretions prosper, stimulate mild or moderate to reduce secretion.

⭐ For metabolism: Massage increases urine output but does not change the pH in the blood. It is thought that two or three days after the massage, the nitrogen in the urine increases and lasts a few days, possibly due to the protidolysis effect of the massage.

⭐ A very prominent advantage from massage and especially body massage is the feeling of enjoying true relaxing moments. Your senses will immediately be awakened with the warm hands of a massage therapist, combined with a relaxing atmosphere: there is a warm, cozy light, a soft aroma of essential oils and music. Yang, will bring your spirit a “party” sweetest and smoothest.


No need to wait until your body speaks, create a habit of going to the Spa once a week, this is a priceless gift for your health.

If you can’t get a regular massage, go to Ocean Spa NOW when you feel:

? The pressure of work and life makes your mind and health decrease.

? Changes in weather make you feel sore or flu.

? After the extreme sports activities

? After long business trips or continuous driving for hours.

? Or simply, you like full body massage, you want periodic health care

Ocean Spa has long been known as one of the best massage places in Hanoi for both men and women.

Depending on your condition, preferences, habits, Ocean Spa will advise you on the most appropriate massage method.

Choose by gender

Massage for Women: Women often love lightness and flexibility. Therefore, Aroma or Swedish massage will be the best option. These two massage methods do not focus on acupuncture points but use gentle strokes, stroking along the muscle fibers to bring you a sense of complete relaxation, you will see your health recover quickly.

Massage for Men: Thai massage has long been famous for stretching and pressing pressure points to help people with body aches recover quickly. When the muscles are tense, it will be difficult for the blood to flow through the stretched area, these massage movements help the muscles soften, the blood easily circulates throughout the body.

Choose according to body condition

If you are tired of the weather, you will choose hot stone mass method. Hot stones are brought back from volcanoes when heated. Combined with therapeutic-grade essential oil will help you eliminate most of the toxins in your body.

If you walk a lot, use a foot massage

If you have a headache, choose a head and neck massage.

Choose according to hobbies and habits

If you are a fan of acupressure, choose Thai and Shiatsu massage methods.

If you do not like acupuncture points, choose gentle massage methods using essential oils such as Aroma, Sweden massage.


Điện thoại: 093 178 08 65- 028 2253-6695

Địa chỉ: 8/14 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Nghé, quận 1, Tp HCM




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