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    Dịch vụ SPA chăm sóc sức khỏe tại Sài Gòn
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    Không gian thư giãn tại Mebuki Spa
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    Massage vùng mắt cùng Mebuki Spa


Combo 90 min

  • 90(mins) : 1,390,000 vnd,000VNĐ



  • 60(mins) : 300.000 vnđ,000VNĐ
  • 90(mins) : 450.000 vnđ,000VNĐ




Mebuki Spa is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City but has a quiet, airy, close-to-nature space that is loved by the Japanese in Vietnam.

In addition to the luxurious design space, Mebuki Spa is also a place to help customers enjoy life and relax after busy working days by massage treatments by dedicated professionals in Japanese standard style. The highlight is the service “Mebuki Signature massage” (Mebuki style massage) which brings a feeling of relaxation, youth, and refreshment.

Mebuki Spa is a reliable destination for domestic and foreign customers with a full range of body care massages such as:
– Massage has a variety of customers: men, women and especially there is a space designed specifically for couples to relax.
– Massage therapy for deep health care for the neck, shoulders, legs, and whole body.
– Sports massage helps prevent and recover from golf injuries.
– Taking care of the face, eyes, steam helps the skin to be ruddy, shiny, and smooth.

If you are looking for a place to improve health, improve physical health and relax mentally, contact Mebuki Spa at 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District. (In addition, Mebuki Spa now has a back gate. Go right into the address 76E Pham Viet Chanh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, there is an entrance, you will see an orange shop.)

Mebuki - Relaxing spa – Japanese style. Use cosmetics imported from Japan.
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  • What services does Mebuki Spa provide?

    The spa is a place that provides a full range of services to the local community and expatriates living in Ho Chi Minh City. We offer a wide range of treatments, from full body treatments (Hawaiian, Thai, Herbal, Shiatsu, Swedish, Aromatherapy, four-hand, six-hand treatment and especially in the Moc style Incense), including facials and treatments

  • Does the spa offer services for men and women?

    We provide relaxation services for male and female customers. With perfect equipment and service to ensure peace and privacy for you.

  • What is the point card spa accumulating?

    Right at the first time to use the service at our facilities, Spa will issue to you the accumulated card. You only need to collect one seal for each Spa treatment. After 9 treatments, you will receive a free 10th treatment.

  • Is there an extra service charge to add the service?

    Along with the equipment and staff who have many years of experience, only 5% of the service charge. The guest facilities, service prices include service charges (TIPS). If you feel satisfied or the service exceeded your expectations, please feel free to be generous. We would appreciate your generosity and affection for the staff

  • Is smoking allowed at the Spa?

    The quality-kept spa is a healthy one. Smoking is not permitted, but flexibility is garden space or table space and ashtray.

Mebuki spa めぶきスパ
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echo huang
echo huang
12:04 05 Feb 20
Mebuki’s place is clean, calm and peaceful. I had Thai and shiatsu for 90 minutes and the time went by so fast. I can’t... say it was one of the best massage I ever had but it was good.read more
Pamela Emery
Pamela Emery
12:02 05 Feb 20
Took aromatherapy for 90 mins and chose firm touch. Wonderful massage, felt completely, deeply worked on yet totally... relaxed. Strongly recommend.read more
Heather Showstead
Heather Showstead
14:55 19 Jan 20
My spa experience here was wonderful. If you come by Google maps, make sure to walk up the ally and around the corner... to the left of the CJ building. Everyone was incredibly nice and my massage was very relaxing. I would continue to come here and I recommend Mebuki. :)read more
Nam L
Nam L
08:40 03 Jan 20
Tucked in one of many alleys in Saigon Can be found this Japanese spa in the Japan town area of district 1. I took... my fiancé and mom for a double spa treatment at Mebuki and the experience left nothing to be desired. The services that we chose was a facial, body scrub and hot stone massage. The masseuse here are all experts despite how youthful their appearance may be. The owner is above and beyond accommodating and courteous as she tailors each and every experience to the clients’ needs. The spa is fluent in many languages including Japanese, and english! I will definitely stop by every chance I have and recommend this spa to anyone looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience!read more
Jay Polanc
Jay Polanc
05:50 21 Dec 19
Nice decor, nice people, and very relaxing massage overall. They make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through... the door.read more
Moira Buzzolani
Moira Buzzolani
14:28 01 Dec 19
Very good massage! I would recommend the place for sure! Cleaned place, good service, staff very friendly. They offered... me tea and ice cream after the massage and it was very nice! It is not in the main street so it is not so easy to find it even there is the green Mebuki spa sign at the end of the street.read more
Brian Wong
Brian Wong
07:02 30 Nov 19
I got to this shop before my appointment time and the staff there were so nice to arrange for me. Massage was great and... I almost slept during the massage.read more
yaseer saeed
yaseer saeed
07:36 27 Nov 19
I had an amazing massage the are very skillful and polite If wanna good massage come here for sure
01:00 22 Sep 19
Mebuki Spa 's got the beautiful scene and the Mebuki staffs're often ardor and professional. I'm ussually stress by my... work, everytimes I feel tired or stress, I go to Mebuki Spa, then I taked my good morale, pleasure. Thank Mebuki so muchread more
M arkus
M arkus
17:49 21 Sep 19
Experienced a really good massage. The place calmed us down really well and let us take distance from the busy city.... The place even has a little sauna which was a nice add on. Created a very relaxed day.read more
Shawn Tse
Shawn Tse
07:01 14 Sep 19
Great staff and very clean massage.... the staff is very polite and the owner is very friendly and welcoming.... would... always come back here for massageread more
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