Mebuki spa – the best foot massage address in Saigon today

Foot massage Saigon is currently a service that is interested by many people. What is so special about this massage method that attracts so many people? Which address is reputable foot massage today? All of the above questions will be thoroughly answered by Mebukispa in the article below.

Foot massage Sai Gon

What is foot massage?

Surely we often hear about Thai massage, body massage, neck and shoulder massage or reflexology massage, and foot massage is rarely heard. So what kind of massage is it actually?

Foot massage means foot massage, now the form of massage is more and more popular and popular. Feet are very important parts for every person. However, walking too much, sitting for too long will make your feet numb and painful. If not treated in time, it will leave many dangerous complications.

Foot massage is the use of massage techniques to gently massage the soft tissues of the feet. This is to relieve pain, reduce stress, fatigue. At the same time, it also helps you reduce neurasthenia and improve blood circulation.

This is a very good health care measure today. Acupressure points and nerves are concentrated a lot in the legs. They are closely related to blood vessels, internal organs and acupoints. Overall, the feet are one of the most important parts of the human body.

What is foot massage?

What practical benefits does Saigon foot massage bring?

Foot massage brings a lot of benefits, including 2 important benefits as follows:

Improve health and increase muscle flexibility

Foot massage has a significant impact on human health. If massage properly combined with acupressure, the effect will be doubled. At that time, blood qi circulates better and the body returns to a state of balance. When you feel pain in your feet, gently massage your feet. If this condition does not improve, then go to Mebukispa because you may have done the wrong movement.

Prevent many diseases

Foot massage not only helps you relieve pain immediately, relieve stress and fatigue, but it also effectively prevents bone and joint diseases. These include helping to prevent foot and ankle injuries, improving leg numbness and cramping.

In general, leg pain often occurs in people who do heavy work continuously, stand or sit for too long in one position. Many people still think that this is a simple disease and does not affect health much. However, that is completely wrong thinking and ignorance.

Benefits of Foot massage

What’s attractive about foot massage Saigon of Mebukispa?

Saigon is a place with a lot of population and the working intensity of the people here is very high. Therefore, the condition of pain and numbness in the legs happens to almost everyone. Understanding that, Mebukispa has provided foot massage service in Saigon.

Famous as a long-standing beauty establishment and famous in the field of spa and massage. Mebuki offers customers many options such as shoulder massage, body massage, Thai massage, especially Saigon foot massage. So what is special and attractive about foot massage here?

Standard massage process

In order to bring the best health and spirit to service users, Mebuki always learns and cultivates knowledge and massage skills. The following is the foot massage process at the spa for your reference:

  • Step 1: Customers are soaked in warm water with essential oils or herbs to clean and keep their feet warm.
  • Step 2: After 10-15 minutes of foot bath, the staff uses a towel to dry and use essential oils to massage the feet until it is warm.
  • Step 3: Gently massage the whole foot, then move to the toe, ankle, heel. Massage thoroughly each spot for the best effect.
  • Step 4: The staff uses the thumbs to rotate continuously on the soles of the feet in the up and down direction, and at the same time massage on both sides of the legs. Gently swipe from the ankle to the tip of the toe and the toes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 5: At the end of foot massage, customers will soak their feet in herbs for 5-10 minutes so that muscles, tendons and blood vessels can expand and circulate best. This is also the time when customers feel comfortable and comfortable after performing massage movements.

Well-trained staff

All employees and technicians at Mebuki are well trained. Before  foot massage Saigon officially, they must undergo courses and professional training as well as skills in massage. Each person’s body is different, so the massage force for each customer is also different.

To become a professional massage therapist at a spa, employees have to go through many tests. Therefore, every customer coming to Mebuki is satisfied and assured with the quality of service here.

What’s attractive about foot massage?

Above is the information about foot massage Saigon that many people are most interested in today. Hopefully, through the above sharing, you will understand more about foot massage. If you are looking to experience the best foot massage service, come to Mebuki Spa right away.

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