Prestigious quality healthy massage in HCMC

Why should you choose Foot and Body Massage health spa Combo ?
After you get experience foot and body massage in 90 minutes within hot stone appling, customers will continue to have a free sauna with Hinoki wood that is the best combination for the combo service package. Our treatment help you to increase blood circulation, eliminating toxins for the skin, strengthening the immune system,… Your energy will get regenerate in the best way for the next working day.”
To be able to find the right spa near you, you can go to google and search for keywords: “health spa”

With the rapid development of healthy massage establishments in Ho Chi Minh City today, you are surely wondering in choosing a reputable place. The following article will help you have a better overview of healthy massage.

Healthy massage in Ho Chi Minh City

Introducing healthy massage service at Mebuki Spa TP. Ho Chi Minh City

  • Until now, massage is a form of support to treat diseases and improve health. This method has been and is being developed with many different therapeutic methods, treating many different diseases.
  • Massage through performing many different movements on the body to heal different areas of the patient’s pain. To do that, the practitioner needs to have full knowledge of Eastern – Western medicine and full experience.
  • Massage also requires certain techniques such as: when massaging, it should be based on qi and blood and visceral meridians, depending on the health status of the patient that uses force.
  • As life develops, the entertainment needs are enhanced, especially in terms of health. A healthy massage is also one of the most effective and popular ways to relax the body today.

Healthy massage service at Mebuki Spa TP. Ho Chi Minh City

Quality healthy massage services at Mebuki Spa TP. Ho Chi Minh City

Mebuki Spa’s nourishing massage service

  • Nutritional massage is a method to help people exercise their body, restore health, dispel fatigue and circulate blood.
  • Nourishing massage mainly uses massage therapy for the purpose of opening the meridians, circulating blood and bringing refreshment to the person being performed.
  • In addition to improving health, massage also helps to rejuvenate the body and strengthen the resistance of each person.

Acupressure massage service at Mebuki Spa

  • The form of massage on acupressure points of the body is called acupressure massage. Massage acupressure points to help blood vessels easily circulate. The source of energy, the flow of qi can work best in the body.
  • Acupressure massage stimulates blood circulation, increases collagen for the body to help users have a beautiful smooth skin.
  • Helps relieve stress and fatigue through massage and acupressure.
  • Acupressure relieves muscle and joint pain.
  • Helps to dilate blood vessels in the body to help blood circulate better.
  • The method of acupressure massage has a good effect on respiration, blood circulation, helping to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate.

Acupressure massage service at Mebuki Spa

Oriental medicine massage service at Mebuki Spa

  • Oriental medicine massage is a combination of oriental medicinal herbs and health care methods to help communicate meridians to bring health and beauty to people.
  • This method is a combination of traditional medicine and health care methods to maintain the life and growth of each person.
  • Oriental medicine massage brings many benefits to the human body:
  • Slow down the aging process.
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance.
  • Help you regenerate healthy and beautiful skin.

Full body massage service at Mebuki Spa

  • People who have to do heavy work often, or have body aches and pains, can choose full body nourishing massage to restore health and strengthen resistance. When using this therapy, the client will be placed on their stomach and relax the whole body.
  • With the full-body massage method, the practitioner can combine hot stones to accelerate blood circulation and improve sleep quality. From there, help women rejuvenate their skin, regain its youthfulness and health.

Full body massage service at Mebuki Spa

Mebuki Spa – a prestigious healthy massage facility in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Mebuki Spa – with quality and standard services. The services at Mebuki Spa always ensure to fully meet the following criteria: Clean, safe, quality and healthy. A healthy massage center in Binh Thanh District, HCMC is located near District 1.
  • Coming to Mebuki Spa, customers will be immediately impressed by the luxurious and modern space. The decoration style and fragrant essential oils give you a feeling of relaxation and refreshment as soon as you walk in the door.
  • Mebuki Spa is proud to be one of the leading units in providing healthy massage services in Ho Chi Minh.
  • Mebuki Spa with a team of professional staff has many years of experience in the field of massage to bring customers the best experience.
  • The most modern massage equipment, bringing the best quality services to customers.
  • Refund to customers if the quality of massage service is not as committed.

Mebuki Spa – a prestigious healthy massage facility in Ho Chi Minh City.

Above are the suggestions that Mebuki Spa wants for you, hope you have new experiences with healthy massage services. Not only restores health, but also makes the spirit more excited and fresh to make every day a happy day. Thank you!


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