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Insomnia is not an uncommon phrase and indeed is most common for young people. Not only causing adverse health effects, but also reducing the quality of life, affecting the work and personal life of the ill person. So is there any easy way to fix this situation?

-The Cause Of Insomnia

Insomnia has two very common types: short-term and long-term insomnia (also known as chronic insomnia). Most short-term insomnia can be easily overcome. The worry is chronic insomnia.

Chronic insomnia can be considered a “dangerous” disease in young people or people entering middle age. The main reason may be due to a number of predisposing factors such as stress, long-term stress (stress), habits of life and work, use of stimulants, addictive substances (coffee, alcohol, tea, drugs leaves…).

Besides, there exist many causes due to environmental influences. For example, noise, temperature … or you have to adapt to the time difference. In addition, the fact that you eat too much before you sleep, using electronic devices (phones, televisions …) is also a factor affecting long-term insomnia.

-Can Cure Insomnia At Home

Insomnia is the cause of dangerous illnesses. A series of prolonged allergies, arthritis, heart disease, stomach or hormonal changes (often seen in women), depression … can appear when you face long-term insomnia. .

Because of the seriousness of long-term sleeplessness, you need to find the cause of the disease. At the same time find appropriate solutions to early termination of this situation.

-Remove Subjective Causes

You need to be aware of why you are insomnia. For example, you have insomnia because before sleeping you usually use tea / coffee … then just stop this situation is okay. If you can’t get rid of the habit immediately, you can slowly reduce the amount used.

In addition, eating habits also make an important contribution to sleep quality. When you eat too full or too hungry, it can also cause difficulty sleeping. Avoid overeating, hot spicy food … before bed.

One reason that so many modern young people have is using electronic devices to socialize online, reading the news too late. Electronic waves greatly affect sleep quality and sleep duration. You need to balance the appropriate time to avoid abuse to your sleep.

-Change Space And Sleeping Environment

People often use the phrase “changing feng shui bed” will bring you the deepest sleep. You can refresh the space in the bedroom by changing the color of the bed sheet, the night light. Set the bed and clean the bedroom regularly to create an airy space that will stimulate sleep more easily.

If possible, you can install additional air conditioning equipment, heating. You can then invest in an oil burner to stimulate sleep better, easier to sleep.

-Fire Insomnia With Medication

Prolonged insomnia causes a serious impact on the quality of life. And when you’re unable to regulate sleep yourself, you’ll need medication to support it. While this is not the best solution, it is a necessary solution for people who have insomnia for a long time.

Most of the sleeping pills on the market belong to Benzodiazepines. They are not widely sold on the market but most are prescribed after you visit a hospital, by a specialist in charge.

Currently there are many sleep stimulants in the form of oriental medicine. You should learn carefully to be effective as expected offline! The main ingredients of this type are from lotus heart …

-More Insomnia With Aroma Massage? Why not?

In addition to the above insomnia solutions, you can also treat insomnia with psychotherapy. The first is not to think much about work when you need to sleep. Do light exercises before bed. In addition, you can listen to soft music, warm baths to stimulate fast sleep.

Another therapy that can accelerate your sleepiness is Massage Aroma. This method is applied a lot, especially using diluted essential oils in combination with basic Massage movements to stimulate the nerves.

When performing the massage between warm space and light essential oils, your whole body will be relaxed, the points will be opened. Your whole body will be completely relaxed, help relieve stress stress. When the mind and body are relaxed, you will feel like sleeping faster.

Not only helps sleep, Aroma Massage method will help relieve pain for the body, reduce stress, reduce hair loss, enhance mental health for you. If you are in the state of stress or stress leading to insomnia, immediately visit Mebuki Spa for advice on the appropriate Massage treatment!


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