Why you should choose hot stone body massage in District 2

Hot stone body massage is no longer strange to those who like to go to spas, especially office workers. Because it helps people feel comfortable and relax after tired working hours. However, it is not easy to choose a place. Hot stone body massage in District 2  that is both prestigious and has a favorable price. Mebuki will help you solve all your questions through the following article!

Why you should choose hot stone body massage in District 2

Why should you choose hot stone body massage in District 2?

Today, there are many relaxation methods for people to choose from that are right for them. District 2 hot stone body massage is also an option for you to take care of your beauty and mental health. So the reason you should choose hot stone body massage method and not other treatments because:

Hot stone body massage at Mebuki will help you:

  • Relieve muscle tension as well as relieve muscle pain: When using hot stone body massage in District 2, the heat of the stones will make the blood in the body run evenly, increasing the flow to the massaged location. Therefore, it will reduce muscle spasms, making muscles more flexible.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety: Hot stones when used in massage work to make you feel relaxed. In addition, the psychological balance is also stable, relieving stress and fatigue.
  • Relieves symptoms of insomnia, helps you sleep better: You may not know, the main cause of insomnia is because the acupuncture points in the body are blocked, blood is stagnation, not circulating. Therefore, when using hot stone to massage will help blood circulation, body healthy, easy to fall asleep.
  • Improve health, prevent minor infections: Regular hot stone body massage in District 2 helps you improve resistance, increase immunity for the body. In addition, it can reduce chronic diseases related to nerves and muscles such as muscle pain, arthritis of the hands, arthritis of the feet, etc.
  • Support weight loss and beautify the skin: Thanks to the hot temperature, the hot stones for massage can dispel excess fat and discharge through sweat glands. Therefore, regular massage has the ability to lose weight and regain the desired shape. In addition, the use of hot stones in massage also helps the skin to be smoother and brighter.

Why should you choose hot stone body massage in District 2?

Some things to note when using hot stone body massage in District 2

District 2 hot stone body massage brings many benefits to users. However, to ensure safety and get the best results when using, Mebuki shares with you some important notes below:

  • Technicians need to pay close attention in checking the temperature of the stone before using massage for guests. The appropriate temperature must be used to avoid overheating of the ice.
  • You need to drink water regularly and fully before and after using the hot stone body massage method in District 2. In order to avoid dehydration leading to dizziness.
  • Choose a hot stone massage that suits your body and needs.
  • Refer and choose a reputable massage place with clear stone origin and proper massage techniques.

In addition, it is necessary to limit or avoid using hot stones if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • People with blood thinning, taking blood thinners and people with symptoms of bleeding disorders.
  • People who are burning or have open wounds on the skin.
  • People who are new to surgery less than 6 months also need to be careful.
  • People with diabetes, diabetes.
  • People who are suffering from osteoporosis or are suffering from fractures or fractures.

Some things to note when using hot stone body massage in District 2

Share some information about the new massage combo at Mebuki

Unlike other hot stone body massage locations in District 2, Mebuki always gives customers many choices of all services here. That’s why Mebuki constantly launches many body massage combos. Some outstanding combos you can refer to are as follows:

Combo Foot & Body massage for 90 minutes

Mebuki Spa always wants to bring new experiences to customers. With a 90-minute combo, you can enjoy a massage service up to 150 minutes. After undergoing the course, you will definitely feel comfortable, reduce stress and avoid the possibility of minor illnesses. With this combo you will experience services including:

  • The first 10 minutes will be relaxing by exfoliating the feet.
  • After that, technicians will perform intensive acupressure on the feet for 30 minutes.
  • In the next 1 hour you will have a body massage with massage packages selected according to your preferences such as Thai / Aroma / Mebuki Signature.
  • Finally, the gift from Mebiki for you is completely free. It’s 15 minutes of hot stone relaxation and 30 minutes of sauna.

Comprehensive massage combo for 120 minutes

With this combo Mebuki gives you something special. It is possible to enjoy a massage service for 150 minutes instead of 120 minutes. This combo includes the following services:

  • Relax foot scrub for the first 10 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, professional technicians perform massage with intensive foot reflexology.
  • In the next 45 minutes, you will receive intensive acupressure on the shoulder and neck (for 650,000 VND).
  • After that, choose massage packages according to your preferences such as Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature and body massage for 45 minutes.
  • Finally, give you 2 free gifts of 15 minutes of hot stone and 30 minutes of sauna when you come to massage at Mebuki Spa.

Share some information about the new massage combo at Mebuki

Thus, hot stone body massage not only helps you relax but also prevents some dangerous diseases. Protect yourself and your family’s health by using regular hot stone body massage. If you want to have great experiences to help your body become healthier, don’t forget to visit  Mebuki nh’s  Hot Stone Body Massage District 2 !

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