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You already know Mebuki Spa is a beauty facility specializing in massage and reflexology. There are many services here to choose from. In particular, Thai body massage is one of the most popular methods. So what makes this massage different? For which subjects? To answer the above questions, please join Mebuki Spa to find out.

Massage body Thai

What is Mebuki Spa like?

Mebuki Spa is a spa dedicated to providing healthy beauty services for both men and women. Here, we have a lot of massage treatments and forms such as Thai massage, shiatsu massage, neck and shoulder massage.

Nowadays, health is a matter of increasing concern. Therefore, spa facilities are more and more diverse and types of massage. However, to find a reputable and healthy place is not easy among the countless spa addresses. If you are still wondering, let’s learn about Mebuki Spa.

In today’s fiercely competitive beauty market, Mebuki Spa has always maintained its style and pioneered in massage methods. We serve customers both at home and abroad. Guests are extremely satisfied with the service here.

Besides a stable number of customers, Mebuki Spa also has many customers who come to massage because they are introduced by friends and relatives. Mebuki Spa always tries to best meet the needs of customers. At the same time, we are constantly improving and enhancing the quality of our services and workmanship.

In addition to traditional massage exercises, Mebuki also regularly updates new massage exercises such as Thai body massage. Under the gentle hands of technicians and spa staff, customers will enjoy the feeling of being massaged in Thailand.

Prestigious quality Mebuki Spa

What is Thai body massage?

Thai body massage is a method of full body massage chosen by many people to relax the body. It is also used to treat aches and pains such as headaches, back pain, and neck pain. This is a form of massage that combines Yoga, acupressure and massage. It acts on acupuncture points to help circulate blood, find positive energy for the body.

Many people choose this form because the results it brings exceed expectations. Using a lot of western medicine is also not a good way because in the long run, it does more harm than good. Therefore, Thai body massage is more and more popular.

Thai body massage method

What is the effect of Thai body massage?

This massage method is not by chance chosen by so many people. Some outstanding benefits that Mebuki Spa must mention are as follows:

Health promotion

Thai body massage works on a total of 10 major circuits throughout the body. Thereby helping to improve health, improve back pain, bone and joint pain, shoulder pain, numbness in limbs. Some other massage methods only affect the painful areas. Meanwhile, this form of massage affects the whole body, every part to make the body more comfortable.

Body balance

The most common cause of pain is poor blood circulation. Thai body massage mainly affects acupuncture points to eliminate blood qi blockage and support better blood circulation. This massage technique thoroughly massages all areas of the skin, not just the acupuncture points. Therefore, the body is balanced from the inside out, improving sleep and mood significantly.

Effects of Thai body massage

Thai body massage steps at Mebuki Spa

Depending on the needs and condition of each person, the spa will shorten or add massage steps to bring the highest efficiency. Mebuki will share the following basic massage steps:

  • Step 1: Experienced staff at the spa will open acupuncture points to bring a sense of relaxation and eliminate toxins in your body.
  • Step 2: After the acupuncture point is opened, the staff will massage and gently press on the soft tissues to help blood circulation better, muscles and tendons are dilated.
  • Step 3: The staff will use the techniques of Thai body massage to affect your body. Massage, massage, kneading, molding, acupressure are the movements that will be included in this step. This is the decisive step for the success of the massage process.
  • Step 4: Close the whole body acupoint to end the Thai massage process. At this point you will feel a little sore but mentally better. After a short time, the body will clearly feel the abundant energy.

Note: When massage Thai body will use essential oils such as lavender, herbs, rose, and chamomile. Essential oils have the best massage support effect and the body will be more relaxed.

Thai body massage steps

Thai body massage is a method chosen by many people to relieve stress, pressure and fatigue. Besides, some people also use this form to treat bone and joint diseases. With the information that we provide above, you must have understood about this type of massage. If you want to experience Thai body massage, contact Mebuki Spa immediately.

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