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If you are looking for a massage address Binh Thanh, it is impossible not to miss Mebuki spa. So, do you know anything about Mebuki spa or not? Do you want to find out information about this spa before your health for spa or not? If yes, then right here in this article we will learn about Mebuki spa.

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Overview of Mebuki spa

Are you forgetting to love yourself? When the days of constantly having to get up early and stay up late running the deadlines? Don’t have time to take care of yourself? Your body has become sore and tired. And now you are looking for a reputable health care place with massage in Binh Thanh? Then Mebuki spa will be a suitable place for you to always come and take care of yourself.

At Mebuki spa, you will be taken care of your body and health. Completely used manual movements and according to the method of acupressure of traditional medicine. Absolutely do not use machines and other external external devices. To ensure your body will be cared for in the safest and most effective way.

And also here, massage address Binh Thanh has a lot of massage service options. Therefore, your body is in need of massage treatment. You will be consulted and selected the right massage package for you. Each massage therapist is different, will undertake different massage services.

Overview of Mebuki spa

Massage packages at Mebuki spa

Feet care

The most used foot care service is foot massage. When using this service package, your tired, aching feet will be cared for and massaged wholeheartedly. By traditional massage methods. Foot care package – foot massage includes 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The price for 60 minutes service is 300,000 VND, 90 minutes is 450,000 VND.

Sports massage

Sports massage at Mebuki spa is also known as golf massage service. This is a massage service exclusively for customers who often play golf. Because it is a special massage for customers who love sports.

Therefore, at this service, all movements are aimed at improving pain relief and relaxing shoulders, hands, hips, and back. The price list of sports massage service is 660,000 VND within 90 minutes. After using the sports massage service, customers will receive significantly improved results. Rotate your shoulders and the power of your hand will be strong.

Intensive neck and shoulder massage

Massage service specializing in neck and shoulders is very suitable for customers who often have shoulder fatigue and sit for a long time. Here, the massage therapists will focus on your neck, shoulders and nape. After successfully experiencing the intensive neck and shoulder massage service at Mebuki spa. You will get back better and stronger improvement in your shoulders, neck and back of the neck.

Full body massage

At this full body massage service, your body will be taken care of. From the face, facial skin to the soles of the feet, Mebuki staff will take good care of you.

For the 120-minute combo package, every customer will have a massage experience of more than 160 minutes. And the process of conducting massagesex is described in detail as follows:

  • For 10 minutes, we will relax your feet and exfoliate your feet.
  • The next 30 after exfoliating the legs. We will focus on intensive acupressure on the soles of the feet and legs.
  • For the next 45 minutes, we will continue to press deeply into the shoulder and neck
  • In the next 45 minutes, we will conduct a body massage. You can choose to massage by one of the following methods: Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki.
  • 15 minutes with hot stone massage. This step will help you relax and help relieve your pain.
  • The last 30 minutes before the end of the package, you will get a free sauna until the end of the last period.

For the 90-minute combo massage service package, you will still be guaranteed a full massage. When using the 90-minute combo massage package, you will get up to 130 minutes of massage.

  • As with the 120-minute package, for the first 10 minutes you will relax your feet and exfoliate your feet.
  • And for the next 30 minutes, experts will help you press deeply into the shoulder and neck.
  • In the next 45 minutes you will have a body massage treatment and you will also have the choice of any one of the packages: Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki.
  • The included 15 minutes will give you a hot stone massage, this is a step that will help relieve pain and relax.
  • the last 30 after the massage is done. We will guide you to the sauna, which will help your body become stronger. The entire sauna session is completely free.

Massage packages at Mebuki spa

Contact information to book an appointment at Mebuki spa

If you feel the above information is interesting and useful, you can contact to book an appointment at the contact information below:

  • Hotline: 093 178 0865.
  • Address: located on 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, W19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Working hours: Open from 10:00 am and close at 21:30 pm, Monday to Sunday.

By the end of this article, we have consulted you with information about Mebuki Spa and services here. If you find it interesting and want to experience it here, Mebuki spa is pleased to serve you. We hope we have provided the right information for your massage address Binh Thanh search.

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Address: 55 Hàm Nghi P.Nguyễn Thái Bình Quận 1 TP.Hồ Chí Minh

Hotline: 0931780865028 2253 6695

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