Healthy inside, beauty outside!

“Those with health have a hundred thousand dreams, those without health have only one dream, which is health.”

Because Mebuki Spa always puts the customer’s health first, that is to give customers a healthy and comfortable body after moments of massage at Mebuki Spa so that they can restore positive energy for the day. upcoming work.

♠ Please choose for yourself a massage service suitable for your current body condition. massage-body bang-gia-massage

  ♣ Promotion at Mebuki Spa
1. 5% discount on bill for first time customers coming to Mebuki
Just 3 easy steps:
❌ Step 1: Like Fanpage Mebuki Spa or Mebuki Spa & Massage
❌ Step 2: Take a few photos to check-in at the spa or rate the service on google maps.
❌ Step 3: Show the screen that has completed the 2 steps above to the staff before paying to receive a 5% discount on the total bill.
2. Giving away foot scrubs for customers who book an appointment via Zalo OA: Mebuki Spa
3. Give away a sauna service worth 200,000 VND for customers who buy combo service

4. Earn points to upgrade your membership
Privileges when becoming a member of Mebuki Spa:
- Enjoy special care policy on occasions: birthdays, holidays, events of Mebuki Spa.
- Enjoy other preeminent benefits through the points system

❌ Special offer for DIAMOND class: You can pay in advance to get 15% off the total cost to upgrade to diamond. 
You only need to pay 42,500,000 VND to use all services until 50,000,000 VND is exhausted.
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Book an appointment today to come to Mebuki Spa to receive special offers, and more importantly, give yourself a valuable gift to ensure 
that our bodies are really healthy. 




Adress: 55 Hàm Nghi, P.Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, HCM

Hotline: 0931780865 – 028 2253 6695