Find a massage near Binh Thanh with Mebuki spa

Have you heard of Mebuki beauty care location? If the place you are looking for is Mebuki spa massage near Binh Thanh. In this article, we will bring you information about the prestigious beauty care location Mebuki. Besides, we will also provide additional information about Mebuki spa such as: What services are available at Mebuki? Are the services at Mebuki good or not? What is the price of each service? And the reasons to choose Mebuki beauty care location.

Mebuki massage spa near Binh Thanh

General introduction about Mebuki spa – a prestigious health and beauty care location

Mebuki spa is considered a leading prestigious beauty care location. All customers coming here are served with professional massage care services. Mebuki spa is loved by the majority of customers with effective massage methods for people with joint pain. Here you will be consulted to choose the right service for you from the leading experts in the field of skin care and massage near Binh Thanh.

There are many followers of nourishing massage and experience reflexology massage services here. All customers who have come to experience at Mebuki spa, have given very good comments and rated 5 stars about the quality of service here. This will be a suitable place for you to come and love yourself after a tiring working week.

Results received after experiencing the service

Come and experience reflexology massage services and unique combo packages. Mebuki spa is committed to affirming you that you will get the results you deserve on your body. With each different service you will get different results.

Coming to the first results you will get is after being massaged, acupressure. Your body will relax and relax the muscles and nervous organs.

Next to the second result you will get is a pink, healthy and natural skin. This will help you look younger than your actual age.

The end result is after tiring working hours or days running deadlines morning to evening. You will be relaxed and release your stress energy.

Results received after experiencing the service

Popular massage services at Mebuki spa

There are many customers who come here and use their own favorite services. Below is a summary of the most popular services at Mebuki spa – massage near Binh Thanh.

Foot massage service

This is a very suitable service for people who often stand a lot and have pain in their legs and calf muscles. In this service, you will be massaged and press acupuncture points in your legs. The above movements will help the muscles above become relaxed, effectively reducing pain. Besides, movements such as jerking the tip of the toe will help the foot become more comfortable. Price for 90 minutes massage is 450,000 VND and for 60 minutes massage is 300,000 VND.

Private massage service for golfers

This is a massage service exclusively for golfers. For golfers, the upper muscle will often have to stand a lot of the biceps. Therefore, this service will help you treat joint problems for both legs and arms. This massage service will cost 660,000 VND for 90 minutes of massage and therapy.

Full body combo massage service

Combo 120 minutes, customers will experience more than 160 minutes in reality as follows:

  • Includes the first 10 minutes to relax your feet and exfoliate your feet
  • After the foot massage, you will have 30 minutes of intensive foot massage.
  • Up to the next 45 minutes, we will continue to press deeply and perform the shoulder and neck treatment.
  • Within the next 45 minutes you will be served with a body massage, you can choose from any of our Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki packages.
  • And continue for the next 15 minutes, you will enjoy the included hot stone massage service, which will help you relax and relieve pain.
  • The last 30 minutes after you have finished the service experience, you will get a free sauna.

In the 90-minute combo package, you will get less massage than the 120-minute package. But will still ensure the most basic steps. When using this service package, you will experience massage for more than 130 minutes and specifically will be as follows:

  • As with the 120-minute package, for the first 10 minutes you will relax your feet and exfoliate your feet.
  • And for the next 30 minutes, experts will help you press deeply into the shoulder and neck.
  • In the next 45 minutes you will have a body massage treatment and you will also have the choice of any one of the packages: Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki.
  • The included 15 minutes will give you a hot stone massage, this is a step that will help relieve pain and relax.
  • Coming to the last 30, you will get a free sauna after completing all the massage steps at Mebuki spa.

Facial massage and face lifting service

Massage service and skin setting is also a service not used by women. For this service, you will be pampered by massage therapists. For this service will help you have a comfortable and pleasant facial muscles. The price of massage and setting up facial services within 40 minutes is 350,000 VND, 60 minutes is 480,000 VND and 70 minutes is 720,000 VND.

Popular massage services at Mebuki spa

Above has been provided all information to Mebuki spa – massage place near Binh Thanh. About massage services, acupressure is available here along with the price list of each service. We hope to bring you confidence about Mebuki spa, and will be serving you in the coming days.

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