Effective pain relief with shoulder and neck massage therapy in HCM City

Neck pain is a very common health problem in modern life. Many people have tried many treatments, but they do not work as expected. In this article, Mebuki will introduce you to the benefits of the  shoulder and neck massage in Ho Chi Minh City and how to choose a place to provide quality massage services.

Massage therapy shoulder and neck HCMC

Why is regular massage therapy necessary?

Shoulder pain is a common phenomenon as well as a disease. Especially for office workers or people who need to sit all day. That’s why  massage therapy shoulder and neck HCMC is a very necessary need. The reasons to massage for shoulder pain treatment are often as follows:

Safe and effective

Regular massage therapy can help improve and prevent neck and shoulder pain. This is a method that does not require drugs and has no side effects, so it is very safe and effective. There is no need to worry about safety because most of the process does not use any drugs or stimulants that can lead to side effects.

Positive impact on health

When applying massage techniques to treat shoulder and neck pain, experts will use gentle movements to stimulate blood circulation, relieve pain, reduce stress and promote health. In addition, massage also helps reduce spasms and relaxes muscles, relieves pressure on nerves and enhances the body’s ability to function.

Elevate, improve status

Regular massage can help prevent old behavioral conditions from developing. Especially for people whose jobs require long sitting or computer work for many hours a day. In addition, massage also helps strengthen resistance against other diseases such as arthritis, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, headache and fatigue.

Massage therapy for shoulder and neck pain in Ho Chi Minh City

The secret to effective massage therapy at spa

If you’re considering going to a spa to treat your neck and shoulder pain with massage, here are some tips to make your massage at the spa more effective:

Choose a professional and reputable spa

The first thing that you need to do is find a professional and reputable spa. You can consult with friends, relatives or read online reviews to find a spa that suits your needs such as neck and shoulder massage HCMC

Before starting massage therapy, you should inform the spa staff about your health condition. If you have any health problems or pain, they will advise you on the most suitable massage therapy.

Choose the right massage method

When you go to a massage spa, you can choose from a variety of massage methods such as Thai massage, Shiatsu massage, relaxation massage and more. Choose the method that suits your needs and health condition.

Create a relaxing environment

When you go to the spa, you should create a relaxing environment by turning off your phone and disconnecting from the outside life. Enjoy the quiet space, soothing music and herbal scent to relieve stress and eliminate tension in the body.

The secret to effective massage therapy at spa

Attractive combo at Mebuki

If you are struggling and do not know where to choose massage therapy for shoulder pain. Come to Mebuki and enjoy the most relaxing moments. Mebuki offers variety and has the most popular combos below.

Shoulder & Body combo in 90 minutes

Mebuki Spa has an extremely attractive 90-minute shoulder & body combo for customers. However, the special thing is that this service package actually lasts up to 120 minutes. Through this service package, you will enjoy a wonderful relaxing time, help reduce stress, muscle tension and prevent other diseases. Combo includes:

  • For the first 40 minutes, you will be massaged by experts.
  • You will then receive a 60-minute full body massage with your choice of Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature packages according to your preferences.
  • In addition, Mebuki Spa also offers you 15 minutes of relaxation and 30 minutes of sauna for free.

Comprehensive massage combo for 120 minutes

In addition, Mebuki also has a comprehensive massage combo package for 120 minutes. The special thing here is that customers will experience 150 minutes instead of 120 minutes as usual. This combo includes:

  • A 10-minute foot scrub and relaxation session, 30 minutes of intensive foot reflexology and 45 minutes of deep neck and shoulder acupressure.
  • You also get a 45-minute body massage with a choice of Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature packages according to your preferences.
  • You will be given 15 minutes of relaxing hot stone and 30 minutes of free sauna at   neck and shoulder massage in Ho Chi Minh City.

Attractive combo massage for shoulder and neck massage in HCMC at Mebuki

Above are some reasons as well as tips in massage therapy for shoulder pain to be effective. In particular,  Mebuki is an extremely effective massage therapy site for shoulder and neck pain. Hopefully this article will help you make a choice about  massage for shoulder and neck treatment in Ho Chi Minh City.

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