Where is the massage therapy for shoulder pain?

Health is always the top concern of people. Therefore, massage establishments are opening more and more. In particular, massage therapy for shoulder pain in Ho Chi Minh City has never stopped being hot. So what practical benefits does this form of massage bring? Let’s find out with Mebuki.

Massage therapy for shoulder pain

What is the method of massage therapy for shoulder pain?

Pressure from life, study, work makes you tired and stressed. This long-term condition has a huge impact on your health and mental well-being.

Massage therapy is a method that affects the skin, tendons and muscles, making the body relax, blood circulation, and spirit refreshed. Besides, massage is also likened to an effective pain reliever.

Not only shoulder pain but also injury, muscle tension after activity, overtraining can all be massaged.

Massage therapy for shoulder and neck pain in Ho Chi Minh City is performed according to the method of traditional medicine.

It helps to enhance blood circulation, relieve stress, fatigue, stress, calm nerves, relieve muscle fatigue. In addition, it also gives the person being massaged a supple body and improves the skin.

Shoulder neck pain is not treated for a long time, what will be the harm?

If you are suffering from neck pain and leave it untreated for a long time, it can lead to the following diseases:

  • Nerve function disorder: nerves are stretched, patients have to face persistent pain, emotional, frequent insomnia.
  • Degenerative cervical vertebrae: Forming bone spurs that compress nerves, causing pain, people over 40 years old, the disease is getting worse and worse.
  • Calcified spine: Calcium deposits in the vertebrae causing the spine to calcify forming bone spurs.
  • Shoulder arthritis: Shoulder pain affects the shoulder area, when it gets cold, the patient is often tired, unable to raise his hand or back.
  • Chest shoulder joint disorder: Chest tightness, shortness of breath, body aches. Often drivers, tailors, office workers often experience this condition.

Shoulder neck pain is not treated for a long time, what will be the harm?

Shoulder and neck pain lead to dangerous complications?

Not only stopping at the above diseases, shoulder pain also leads to many dangerous complications as follows:

  • Compressed cervical spinal cord: Patients will have movement disorders, sensory disturbances in limbs, quadriplegia or hemiplegia.
  • Arm muscles are weak, gradually atrophy: The hand is often numb, painful, the arm is no longer flexible.
  • Vestibular disorders: Usually occurs in middle-aged people. Patients often suffer from headaches, poor concentration, impaired memory, dizziness.
  • Nerve root pain: Nerve root is pinched leading to damage. Patients have pain and fatigue in the neck, shoulders, arms, shoulders, back.
  • Mentally severely affected: Facing pain makes people unable to sleep well, eat well. In the long run, if the condition is left untreated, it can lead to depression and anxiety.

Why is massage therapy for shoulder pain effective?

Massage therapy for shoulder pain directly affects the body, blood vessels are opened. Thus, the pain will be reduced, eliminating fatigue and stress.

The body will recover immediately after the treatment. That is the reason why massage therapy for shoulder pain in Ho Chi Minh City is increasingly popular.

Not only massage, pressing, massage therapy also includes acupressure. When impacting the acupuncture points, the meridians will be opened. It works to relieve deep muscle pain, especially the neck and shoulder area.

In general, massage brings high efficiency, low risk, and does not affect health. Older people often use this method to improve their physical and mental health. However, keep in mind that with severe pain and complications, you need to see a doctor for advice.

Why is massage therapy for shoulder pain effective?

What is outstanding about shoulder pain massage in Ho Chi Minh City?

Shoulder pain is probably a very familiar disease for us. Everyone is at risk of this disease, especially office workers, who often sit or stand still all day. The pain greatly affects your work. If you are struggling with this disease every day, try going to a spa to relax.

The whole country in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular, the problem of pain still happens to everyone. Taking medicine is not a safe and long-term solution. Therefore, massage therapy for shoulder pain in Ho Chi Minh City is becoming more and more attractive and used by many people.

Those in the HCMC area can go to Mebuki Spa. This is one of the famous massage and beauty treatments in Ho Chi Minh City. Coming to Mebuki, all your pain will disappear after 90 – 120 minutes of massage and acupressure.

Hopefully, the above article has brought you useful information about massage therapy for shoulder pain in HCMC. For effective treatment, you must follow the spa’s schedule. Mebuki wishes you good health, good spirit to study and work.

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