Nearby massage facility in District 1 you should not miss

Massage is an effective health promotion method that is receiving great attention. Especially massage is very necessary for office workers. So where to find the nearest massage facility in District 1? Follow to the end of the article you will know a reputable facility with many attractive service packages.

Nearby massage facility in District 1 you should not miss

Great benefits of massage

The reason you should choose massage when going to a spa is because this method has many benefits. Not only does it support physical health, but it also helps improve mental health.

First of all, the extremely effective stress-reducing benefits of massage. Whether you massage your legs or shoulders, neck and body, it helps to melt away fatigue.

Thanks to the mechanical effects, the body is massaged. Since then, the symptoms of stress and stress are also significantly reduced. This is also the basis for those who massage to have a good night’s sleep. Massage helps to relax your nervous system very well.

Massage is also beneficial in pain relief and wound healing. This method improves blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, massage is also considered as a way to relieve joint pain.

Massage is also an effective way to increase concentration. Thanks to the ability to regulate the heart rate and slow down the nervous system, concentration is significantly improved.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, massage has many other uses. That’s why you need to immediately go to a nearby massage facility in District 1 for relaxation and treatment.

Great benefits of massage

Why should office workers regularly massage?

Due to the nature of the job, office workers have to sit a lot. During 8 hours of work, office workers are mostly in a sitting position. This inadvertently leads to body fatigue.

It is also the basis and cause of many diseases. For example, spinal pain, hernia, … are common diseases in office workers.

Therefore, massage is a very necessary therapy for office workers. If you are an office worker, when you have time, you should go to a nearby massage facility in District 1. Prestigious facilities will help your fatigue be significantly reduced. Massage also has many health benefits.

Gentle massage contributes to relaxation, helping the joints and spine to rest. For those who often suffer from stress leading to insomnia, massage helps them sleep better. In addition, massage also improves metabolism and regenerates energy for your body to function well every day.

If you are an office worker, we recommend that you go to massage facilities regularly. You can choose massage packages for a certain part such as shoulder massage. Or you can choose a comprehensive body massage package for the whole body to relax.

Why should office workers regularly massage?

Mebuki – Spa massage with many attractive combo packages

Mebuki is a spa facility that provides high quality massage services. Along with professional staff, Mebuki also has many special service packages. Readers can refer to the two hottest massage combo packages at Mebuki below:

Combo Foot & Body in 90 minutes

Although the combo is called 90 minutes, the actual massage time is up to 150 minutes. It’s great, isn’t it? When you use this package, you will be immersed in a relaxing time.

Using this combo pack you will be able to reduce stress, reduce pain and avoid some diseases. The combo package will have the following execution sequence:

  • First, customers will relax and exfoliate their feet. This step will take about 10 minutes.
  • The next step is a 30-minute intensive reflex foot massage.
  • You will receive a full body massage for the next 60 minutes. Most importantly, you can choose your package including Thai/Aroma/Mebuki according to your preference.
  • In addition, you can receive two extremely valuable gifts. 15-minute hot stone relaxation and 30-minute sauna are completely free.

Comprehensive massage combo for 120 minutes

Just like with the 90-minute package, the full 120-minute package duration is also longer. In fact, you will also have 150 minutes of relaxation with Mebuki. A comprehensive 120-minute massage will have the following steps:

  • You will be exfoliating your feet for the first 10 minutes.
  • A 30-minute deep specialist foot reflexology massage is the next step in this combo pack.
  • The next 45 minutes, you will have intensive reflexology on the shoulders and back. Especially, although intensive reflexology, it only costs 650,000 VND.
  • A 45-minute full body massage and a selection of signature packages to suit your preferences. Includes Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature.
  • Hot stone for 15 minutes and sauna for 30 minutes are Mebuki gifts for customers using this combo.

Mebuki – Spa massage with many attractive combo packages

Above is some information to help readers understand more about massage. In addition, readers can also learn more about Mebuki – a nearby massage facility in District 1. If you need to use massage services, please try to experience it right at Mebuki.

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