Neck and shoulder massage at Mebuki spa is as good as rumored?

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Shoulder and neck pain is a fairly common disease today, it happens to people who do office jobs and labor. Depending on the severity, people seek different treatment methods. However, shoulder and neck massage is the most popular treatment method. It helps relieve pain quickly and effectively while helping patients relax. Let’s join Mebuki Spa to understand the value of neck and shoulder massage!

Quality shoulder and neck massage

What is neck pain?

Shoulder and neck pain is a phenomenon in which the muscles in the shoulder – nape area are stiff, leading to the nerves being pressed against each other, causing prolonged pain.

This pain makes it difficult for the patient to perform neck and head turning movements. Neck pain often appears suddenly, without warning. It can appear when the patient is active, doing jobs that require a lot of shoulder and neck movement.

Symptoms of shoulder pain:

  • At first, the patient only had mild aches and pains, then the pain became more and more dull and prolonged.
  • The pain increases when walking, or when turning the neck.
  • The patient has numbness in the hands and feet.
  • The pain makes the patient sleepless, not sleeping deeply, tired.

What is neck pain?

What causes neck pain?

The subjects that often suffer from shoulder pain can be mentioned as: drivers, manual workers, office workers who have to sit for a long time. What all of these objects have in common are:

  • Do jobs that require sitting or standing for too long.
  • Due to vigorous exercise or overexertion.
  • Due to increasing age, cervical vertebrae degenerate.

What causes neck pain?

Treatment of neck and shoulder pain by massage method

Currently, there are many methods of treating shoulder and neck pain such as: taking medication as prescribed by a doctor, treating with physical methods, and surgery. However, each method has advantages and disadvantages. If a person with shoulder pain takes Western medicine regularly, he or she will become dependent on the drug, or suffer from stomach and colon pain. Physical therapy is safer, but it takes a lot of time, and the effect is not high, and there is a possibility of recurrence.

Therefore, shoulder and neck massage is a preferred treatment method by many people. Limit the use of drugs, while reducing pain for the joints, safely, and at the same time helping to relax the patient’s spirit. Reduce stress, tension, insomnia. In addition, the regular massage of the patient also helps to bring other miraculous effects such as:

  • Warms up the body, helping to avoid cold air entering the body, causing neck pain.
  • Helps to relax bones, joints and muscles in the neck.
  • Helps increase mobility of the neck – shoulders – back of the neck.
  • Helps the nerves to relax, not pressing on each other.
  • Increase sleep quality.
  • There are massage methods that you can choose, which are: Neck and shoulder massage at home and massage at spa salons.

Treatment of neck and shoulder pain by massage method

Shoulder and neck massage at home with topical medication

Patients use topical medication on painful areas such as: shoulder – nape – neck.
Use both hands to rub, press, rub, gently roll in a circle from the neck down to the painful areas.
Use the knuckles to massage the muscles on both sides of the shoulder, proceed to squeeze with moderate force, gently rubbing to relax the muscles.


  • Safe, cost-effective than treatment with western medicine.
  • No side effects like when treated with western medicine: stomach pain, colon pain,…
  • Provides instant pain relief.


  • Only applied to mild, aching pain. And the persistent, dull pain is not effective.

Shoulder and neck massage at spa

  • Although home massage is also very safe, it is only applicable for mild, not strong pain. As for the more severe, persistent pain, the patient should not self-massage at home. If the massage is not done correctly, it can make the pain worse.
  • Currently, shoulder and neck massage at the spa is a top priority method for many people. Because there is a team of professionals with many years of experience, reputation, well-trained. So many people feel secure and seek treatment.
  • In addition, people’s relaxation needs are increasing day by day. Going to the spa for treatment will help patients relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue every day. With the hands of experienced technicians, the patient will be relaxed and stimulated both physically and mentally.

Shoulder and neck massage at spa

Where should the neck and shoulder massage be?

With the increasing needs of people, there are many massage establishments that spring up. But it is very difficult to choose a reputable and quality massage spa in Ho Chi Minh.

If you want to have a perfect massage, effective and quality treatment of neck and shoulder pain. At the same time, must ensure the prestige – safety, then Mebuki Spa is a perfect choice for you.

Mebuki spa has a team of experts trained from Japanese experts. The process of learning and teaching is methodical, going through rigorous exams to ensure skills as well as quality of service before being accepted to work.

Quiet space, bold design “woody” plus melodious music is an ideal place for you to relax mentally and relieve pressure.

Where should the neck and shoulder massage be?

Advantages of Mebuki spa

  • Specializing in traditional massage according to traditional folk medicine methods.
  • Healthy massage for all genders, ensuring absolute privacy for all customers.
  • The quality of massage at Mebuki spa are all real movements, the order of movements is in sequence.
  • Always receive positive feedback from domestic and foreign customers.
  • The cost can be refunded if the customer is not satisfied.

Shoulder and neck massage at the spa is a safe and preferred method today. So you can be completely assured of the effectiveness of this method. Come to Mebuki spa to experience the most relaxing treatment minutes. Mebuki Spa – prestigious quality massage service is always pleased to serve you.

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