The latest benefits of neck shoulder massage at Mebuki Spa

Cơ sở massage dưỡng sinh uy tín nhất tại TP Hồ Chí Minh

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Neck and shoulder pain can be caused by too strong movement at work, it can also be due to sitting or standing posture, .. This symptom will cause you uncomfortable feelings, fatigue, even Even if it is severe, it can turn into a disease that clings to you. That is why the prestigious neck shoulder massage services of Mebuki Spa were born. The services will help you feel new vitality and comfort after a long tiring day.

Neck shoulder massage at Mebuki Spa

Definition of shoulder pain syndrome

  • Shoulder and neck pain can be understood as a condition in which the muscles in the shoulder are stiff, causing discomfort, making it difficult to move but not affecting inflammatory diseases.
  • The specific manifestation of this condition is that the pain will increase with activity, work, even when the weather changes. And if for a long time the phenomenon of numbness in the hands and feet will appear, the phenomenon of cerebral blood circulation will also have some problems or even just light exercise will feel uncomfortable.
  • Pain and fatigue in the shoulders and neck are common in office workers, due to the characteristics of the job where they have to sit too much and stay in one position for a long time or other specific jobs.

Currently, there are many methods of treating neck and shoulder pain, one of the methods that many people are interested in is quality neck shoulder massage. This method has a lot of positive effects to the patient without any side effects. Let’s learn more about the benefits of this method.

Symptoms of neck and shoulder massage

The benefits of neck shoulder massage

This massage method is chosen by many people to improve the current neck and shoulder pain. Let’s take a look at the plus points of this method:

  • Effective in reducing pain in the muscles around the neck, helping to stabilize the activities of the cerebral hemispheres.
  • Contributes to the reduction of stress, pressure and fatigue.
  • Improving blood circulation, the patient’s nervous system contributes to the regulation of blood volume as well as improving sleep. Help patients have deeper and better sleep.
  • This method contributes to supporting the treatment of diseases related to the vertebrae such as herniated discs, cervical spondylosis, ..
  • Helps people to prevent heart attack.
  • Helps regulate blood, reduce stress and have a refreshing spirit.
  • Limit the symptoms of numbness in hands and feet, muscle fatigue.

Above are some of the benefits of this method, actually with a completely manual method, users will get the desired values ​​back.

Benefits of neck shoulder massage

Prestigious address for neck shoulder massage in Binh Thanh – Mebuki Spa

Mebuki Spa – a famous Spa address in Ho Chi Minh City. Specific address in Binh Thanh district. Mebuki Spa can be called a famous place for neck and shoulder massage in Binh Thanh, here providing very good services as well as staff with many years of experience in this massage industry. Besides, this is also a neck shoulder massage address near District 1, which is visited by a large number of residents in District 1 for beauty and massage.

  • Mebuki Spa is designed in a form close to nature, giving customers both relaxation and moments of being immersed in nature. Perhaps for this reason, many customers come from more than 2 times or more.
  • In addition to the space close to nature, the massage method here is also based on traditional medicine methods.
  • Spa Mebuki has all kinds of massage services for all ages and genders. However, Spa always says no to services that violate the law or are contrary to professional ethics.
  • About the staff of Mebuki Spa, there is a staff of experienced staff in the field of massage. Here you will be guided, consulted enthusiastically by the staff and enjoy the most comfortable moments. In addition, there are also many service packages for customers to choose from.
  • The massage exercises at this Spa are also real movements and will be performed in order from baby to adult.
  • It also regularly launches customer gratitude vouchers, for example on holidays. In addition, Mebuki Spa also often has discount programs for its dear customers.

This is a Spa address that always receives high reviews from the loyal customer community. Please try to consider and feel the quality here.

Neck and shoulder massage in Binh Thanh

Price list of services at Spa Mebuki

Combo service

  • Foot and body massage package for 90 minutes worth 790,000 VND.
  • Full body neck shoulder massage package for 90 minutes worth 950,000 VND.
  • Full body massage + foot + neck and shoulder package for 120 minutes worth VND 1,390,000.

Member service

  • Japanese-style acupressure for 60 minutes is 480,000 VND and lasts for 90 minutes is 710,000 VND.
  • Thai Yoga massage for 60 minutes is 480,000 VND and lasts for 90 minutes is 710,000.
  • Shoulder and neck massage for 60 minutes, the price is 650,000 VND.

Prestigious neck shoulder massage

If you are having some neck and shoulder problems, you are looking for a reputable neck shoulder massage address, so what are you waiting for, come to Mebuki Spa right away. Here you will have the most comfortable and relaxing moments.

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