Oriental medicine massage not to be missed at Mebuki Spa

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After you get experience foot and body massage in 90 minutes within hot stone appling, customers will continue to have a free sauna with Hinoki wood that is the best combination for the combo service package. Our treatment help you to increase blood circulation, eliminating toxins for the skin, strengthening the immune system,… Your energy will get regenerate in the best way for the next working day.”
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To become a smart customer, you need to have basic knowledge of oriental medicine massage. Let’s find out some information about this popular massage therapy with Mebuki Spa in the following article.

Oriental medicine massage

What is Oriental Medicine Massage?

Oriental medicine massage also has the same form as traditional massage. However, during the procedure, the massage therapist will use more natural ingredients in combination with traditional medicine methods to supplement the treatment process.

Lemongrass, ginger, dried anise flowers, … have the effect of helping the mind to relax, relax the mind and relieve stress that inhibits the nervous system. After only one course of oriental medicine massage, customers immediately feel a clear change in their body and each sleep.

Cơ sở massage dưỡng sinh uy tín nhất tại TP Hồ Chí Minh

The most prestigious nursing massage facility in Ho Chi Minh City

Classification of oriental medicine massage

Oriental medicine massage is no different from traditional massage therapies in terms of process but only slightly changes in the process. Therefore, oriental medicine massage can be divided into the following main categories.

Neck – shoulder – nape massage

Customers will be placed in a space scented with herbs, with their heads resting on hot wormwood pillows with salt. The masseuse begins with a gentle massage to warm up the muscles. Then, they conduct acupressure to help open the meridians and use hot stones to circulate blood.

Full body massage

Similar to neck – shoulder – nape massage, the client is placed on a pillow. Professionals start using specialized massage oils to warm up the back. After that, they massage and acupressure help enhance the health of the person being performed. Specifically as:

  • Cuu Can Du: Helps detoxify the liver.
  • Pimples: Helps to eat more delicious and metabolize nutrients better.
  • Acupressure: Helps smooth joints, enhance digestion.
  • Renal Du point: Helps to prevent back pain, knee fatigue, nocturnal urination.

In addition, full-body massage will affect other acupuncture points to help stabilize health.

Full body massage

Foot and hand massage

Your hands will be expertly used massage oils to heat and clear the acupuncture points. Then, the specialist applies skills to acupressure your feet, helping blood circulation in the body circulate.

Facial massage

Oriental medicine facial massage therapy will help rejuvenate the skin, make the skin smooth, bright and regain its inherent elasticity.

In addition to the above types, there are now other forms of weight loss support, body recovery by oriental medicine massage, which is loved by many women. With this method, women do not need to diet, do not need to exercise, but just go to the spa and perform the treatment, which is very suitable for women who have just given birth and are breastfeeding.

Facial massage

Prestigious oriental medicine massage facility in Ho Chi Minh City

Mebuki Spa is confident to be a oriental medicine massage facility that provides the best quality and healthy services. With strengths that can be mentioned as follows:

  • Cool location: Makes Mebuki Spa have a space that is very close to nature.
  • Operation motto: “Customer satisfaction is Mebuki’s development guideline”, we prioritize putting the customer’s experience first.
  • Over 4 years of building and developing the brand, Mebuki Spa has always satisfied even fastidious customers from Japan, Korea or the UK, USA,…
  • Mebuki Spa welcomes customers regardless of male or female, regardless of customers.
  • Our spa has a private room design for couples who want to enjoy massage services in a private space.
  • Mebuki Spa has a team of professional and well-trained staff, ensuring to advise on massage exercises suitable for customers’ physical condition.
  • Mebuki Spa always researches and develops massage types to be able to promptly meet all customer needs. These include sports massage services, which help prevent and recover from injuries.
  • Standard massage according to traditional medicine methods.

In addition to the massage activities mentioned above, Mebuki Spa also gives customers relaxation and comfort with a steam room, helping to eliminate toxins and enhance the transport of nutrients inside the body.

Please contact the hotline number 093.178.0865 to receive the fastest advice and support from Mebuki Spa’s professional staff.

Prestigious oriental medicine massage facility in Ho Chi Minh City

The article has partly helped you better understand the method of oriental medicine massage as well as a prestigious oriental medicine massage facility. Come to Mebuki Spa, address at 19 Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 19, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City to experience the best quality services.

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