Mebuki Spa – The most prestigious Binh Thanh massage service today

Massage is a popular type of health care service today. Due to the increasing demand for use, spa massage facilities are springing up more and more. However, not all establishments meet the high standards of quality and price. Today we will introduce to you a prestigious Binh Thanh massage service provider with Japanese quality right in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s Mebuki Spa.

The most prestigious Binh Thanh massage service today

Brief introduction of Mebuki Spa

Mebuki Spa is a reputable beauty and health care massage and beauty service provider with Japanese technology in Vietnam. Mebuki was founded in 2018 by an owner with 10 years of experience in the massage therapy industry. And operating with the goal of bringing better health value every day to customers.

Located at a prime location at 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh District, HCMC. Mebuki Spa is designed with a quiet space, full of fragrance with quiet, melodious sounds to bring comfort to customers. Here, customers will be consulted and experience many different massage exercises suitable for their current condition. Thereby improving health and spirit after tiring hours.

Brief introduction of Mebuki Spa

Some types of prestigious Binh Thanh massage services at Mebuki Spa

As one of the most prestigious Binh Thanh massage service facilities in Ho Chi Minh City. Mebuki integrates a lot of massage and reflexology exercises performed by well-trained staff according to Japanese standards. Here are some types of massage at Mebuki Spa.

Foot Care Service – Foot Massage

This is a type of massage that focuses on the feet and acupressure points on the legs. This type of massage is increasingly popular among customers of all ages, especially middle-aged and older. The reason for this is due to the need to move in the majority of people or because wearing shoes, especially high heels, leads to fatigue and pain in the muscles of the legs. When performing this massage, experts will focus on massaging and acupressure from the soles of the feet to the muscles in the calves.

Today, Foot Massage was born as a way to treat diseases and relieve pain, relax muscle bundles in the feet.

Body Care – Massage Body

It can be said that body massage at Mebuki Spa is one of the most loved body massage services by customers. Many female and male customers have come here to see and experience this service firsthand. In which female customers often use this type of service with the desire to relax, men often look to body massage to help relieve aches and pains caused by working or playing sports.

Mebuki spa offers quality body massage services: Aroma massage, Thai massage and Shiatsu and Mebuki Signature Massage. And Thai massage is considered the best-selling service of Mebuki Spa.

This service often offers various benefits such as improved muscle flexibility; relieve pain, aching muscles; relieve symptoms of bone and joint problems; Boost metabolism support…

Mebuki Signature Massage

Mebuki Signature is one of the integrated massage services chosen and loved by many customers at Mebuki Spa. This is a type of massage that combines Thai massage and Shiatsu massage with acupressure and slight bending in the muscles. Not only is the type with the cheapest price,

Mebuki Signature will definitely bring you surprises from the advantages that this service brings. This massage method will promote the production of Happy Hormone, promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce stress and produce positive energy. Thereby helping you maintain a comfortable mind, a healthy body and always full of energy.

Sports Massage – Sport Massage

For men who are passionate about sports, this massage service will be the optimal choice for you. Not only amateur sports people but also people who play sports should apply this type of massage to their body. Coming to sports massage, muscle areas that are often tense and sore when exercising vigorously for too long such as the back, hips, shoulders, neck, … will all be relaxed.

This will help the muscles and joints become more flexible, move more rhythmically and smoothly, avoiding injuries. Depending on the status and needs of each customer, the technicians will perform appropriate care. Thereby ensuring the best effect for your experience.

Some types of prestigious Binh Thanh massage services at Mebuki Spa

Combination massage service – COMBO

If you are in a state of pain, fatigue in many areas and want to experience many different types of massage, but are afraid of money and time. So these are the service packages that you cannot ignore.

Combo massage 90 minutes

COMBO 90-minute massage is a combination of shoulder and neck massage at Mebuki Spa. This is a service package suitable for everyone, especially office workers or heavy workers. This service is often highly effective in helping to relax muscles and relax nerves. Preventing degenerative joint and vertebrae, blood circulation and prevention of debilitating diseases.

Under the professional hands of technicians, combined with high-quality medicinal products from Japan, Mebuki commits that customers can experience the most comfortable 90-minute massage.

Combo comprehensive care 120 minutes

True to its name, comprehensive care is a massage package that combines all massage exercises from the neck, shoulders, back to the body and legs and lasts for 2 hours. In which, full body massage takes up 60 minutes, foot massage lasts 30 minutes and neck and shoulder massage lasts 30 minutes. As a combination service, this care package often has all the advantages of the above services. If you want to experience the most comprehensive massage services at Mebuki Spa, this is a combo not to be missed.

Currently at Mebuki Spa, there is a promotion to give away a sauna package when customers use any Combo service package at the Spa. So hurry up here to experience the service with more offers.

Combination massage service – COMBO

The benefits that Mebuki Spa massage service brings

The reason Mebuki Spa found a firm foothold and became a prestigious Binh Thanh massage establishment in Ho Chi Minh City in general and Binh Thanh district in particular is thanks to the benefits that the service here brings. Some basic benefits that you can easily see when using massage services at Mebuki Spa are:

  • Uplifts the spirit and gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
  • Helps strengthen resistance, healthy muscles.
  • Brings endurance, suppleness and youth to prolong youth and longevity.
  • Reduce anxiety, fatigue, overcome insomnia syndrome.
  • Enhance blood circulation and metabolism inside the body.
  • Helps the body promote the elimination of toxins, aids in weight loss.
  • Relieves fatigue and pain in muscles.

With the slogan “make your mind free”, Mebuki Spa is committed to bringing you the best quality of service along with the most comfortable relaxing moments. And we believe that Mebuki Spa is a prestigious Binh Thanh massage place that you should try once in your life. Do not hesitate to come to Mebuki Spa to experience authentically great health care services.

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