In order to thank customers for their support during the past year, Mebuki Spa would like to send you lucky money bags full of attractive gifts.
From December 31, 2021 and February 11, 2022 when you come to the spa to experience the service:
💯Combo 1: 90-minute foot and full-body massage worth 790k will be immediately given a sauna (400k) when going from a group of 2 or more.
💯Combo 2: 90-minute neck, shoulder, and full-body massage worth 950k, you will be given a gift duo including Sauna (400k) and 15 minutes of Foot MASSAGE.
If you are looking for a prestigious and professional spa, acupressure massage, relaxing sauna, to relieve stress and fatigue after a long day of work. Mebuki Spa is a great choice for you.

After experiencing sauna or foot massage, the body feels really relaxed, Mebuki technicians will begin to carry out the service package that the customer has previously selected such as:

  1. Combo comprehensive care includes: Body (45 minutes) + Skincare (45 minutes)

With this combo, you will be taken care of from face to body. You will enjoy relaxation, comfort both body and mind.

Ultra-comfortable body massage from Mebuki Spa experts will help you dispel all stress, blow away all body aches and pains, and refresh your spirit for yourself. The essences used for massage are completely extracted from natural herbs that are not safe for your skin and health. All products are imported by Mebuki Spa genuine from abroad. Bringing not only outstanding experiences but also peace of mind.

Mebuki Spa will conduct 5 comprehensive skincare steps: makeup removal, face wash, exfoliating, face massage, mask to help skin care and massage for skin to be elastic, relax, help pores relax bloom. Massage will be performed from bottom to top to help lift and rejuvenate the skin.

  1. Massage service with thermal essential oils 90 minutes + Free hot stone body massage

After enjoying this combo, you will feel more resilient and full of life. Ready to fight for the difficulties and busyness in your life. A relaxed spirit is especially the best way to show self-confidence.

Benefit of hot oil massage:
– Muscle endurance is increased along with flexibility.
– Bone strength is enhanced.
– Strong and toned muscles.
– Visibility increased.
– Relaxation is achieved along with a good night’s sleep.

– Step 1: Use essential oils that have been prepared according to the correct formula to conduct a full body massage.
– Step 2: Massage and press acupressure on the head area to circulate blood vessels and create a refreshing spirit.
– Step 3: Massage the arms, rub the heated essential oil evenly on each finger. And massaging your feet helps customers feel comfortable relaxation.
– Step 4: Continue massaging the back with a flexible massage technique with appropriate hand force. Accurate acupressure helps essential oils penetrate deep into the skin to support blood circulation.

  1. Mebuki Signature massage (90 minutes) + Free hot stone body massage

Mebuki Signature massage is one of the special treatments with a blend of Thai Massage and Japanese Shiatsu acupressure exercises. Mebuki Signature massage is considered a therapeutic method based on the effects of 10 energy circuits, also known as lotus vessels, to help keep the body healthy. Customers will be completely satisfied when experiencing this special service at Mebuki Spa. 

Mebuki Signature Massage is one of the packages specifically designed by Mebuki Spa, including Thai massage and Shiatsu acupressure for those who need to relax the whole body, dispel fatigue, calm the spirit, minimize shoulder pain, … with massage movements and special care from experts. Professional massage movements, pressing acupuncture points in each area bring a certain moment of comfort and relaxation. Mebuki Signature Massage is for those who want to relax after a long day at work, or come to the massage service at Mebuki Spa for the first time.

Mebuki Signature massage process
– Step 1: Massage Mebuki Signature affects the first area and presses acupressure points along the head. Then, press the shoulder and massage the client’s neck to bring the most relaxing feeling.

– Step 2: Continue the therapist will massage to the arm area and press the moon along the hand and combine Thai yoga to eliminate toxins, stretch muscles in the biceps, shoulder blades, … bring the best experience.

– Step 3: With the skillful hands of the massage technician, he will press the acupuncture points along the legs, break and then massage with relaxing natural essential oils. During this process, you can completely let go of your mood, put aside your worries and listen to a little melodious melody that makes your mood improve dramatically.

– Step 4: Next is the process of massaging the back with a flexible massage technique with moderate hand force. Accurate acupressure movements help essential oils penetrate deeply, making the body feel both relaxed, comfortable and comfortable.

  1. Sports massage (Golf massage) 90 minutes + Free hot stone body massage

Sports massage – Golf massage is a great way to improve your golf sport? It’s true! Golf massage focuses on relaxing the back, tendons, hip muscles, shoulders and arms to create greater shoulder rotation. Better hip and back flexibility, while also generating more torque and a higher finish. So no matter your level of play from professional golfer or amateur golfer, Golfer Massage is a great way for you to improve your game. When you are combined with a hot stone body massage, it will help you really rest and relax after sports activities.

The sports massage steps are performed similarly to the Mebuki Signature Massage. But especially impact on the shoulders and shoulders, helping to bring a sense of comfort.

– Step 1: Massage the head and press the acupressure points along the head. Then, press your shoulder blades and massage your neck.
– Step 2: Continue, the technician massages the arm and presses the moon along the hand and combines Thai yoga.
– Step 3: With the skillful hands of the massage technician, he will press the legs along the legs, break and then massage with relaxing oil.
– Step 4: Continue massaging the back with a flexible massage technique with appropriate hand force. Accurate acupressure helps essential oils penetrate deep into the skin to support blood circulation.

     5. Foot massage:

Foot Massage is a type of massage that focuses only on the feet. Foot massage is used as a way to treat illness, relax and relieve pain. Most of the body’s acupuncture points are concentrated on the soles of the feet. When you massage the soles of the feet and calves, the muscles gradually become softer, thereby helping the body to eliminate toxins more easily. If toxins are well eliminated, your skin will become more beautiful. Bring health to your whole body.

Foot massage service process:
– Step 1: You are massaged by a technician dry your head, shoulders, neck, nape and arms. For you to relax and easily fall asleep.
– Step 2: The technician holds the feet in the palm. Use your thumbs to start massaging gently, slowly from the top of the toes, then slide to the back of the foot and then up to the ankle. From there you go back to the toes.
– Step 3: Then focus on the soles of the feet. Use your thumb to move in a continuous circle in an up and down direction, at the same time to the sides. Then, with one hand, hold the middle behind the ankle, with the other hand, use the force of the cheek in the hand at a moderate level to slide from the top to the bottom of the foot. For areas that are subject to a lot of pressure due to body weight (especially heels), the technician will use their fingers to squeeze hard to soften.
– Step 4: For customers to work 90 minutes or more. You will be lying on your stomach, the technician will press and massage your back to finish the massage.

6. Skincare:

As one of the leading prestigious units of facial massage and care in Ho Chi Minh, Mebuki Spa offers the most relaxing and comfortable moments for customers when performing facial treatments. You will feel the effect right after the first session, the skin is relaxed, properly detoxified in 5 steps under the influence of a technician with many years of experience.

  1. Cleaning makeup remover: remove dirt deep in the pores
  2. Face washing thoroughly: remove dirt and remove dead cells on your face, moisturize and make a premise for the following steps
  3. Exfoliation: clean pores clogged with oil, bacteria and dirt, limit acne, increase collagen production
  4. Facial massage: helps increase skin elasticity, anti-aging, makes skin ruddy and bright
  5. Applying a mask: moisturize, restore skin, keep skin moist, smooth and shiny

We hope that after these days of separation, customers will really have moments of complete relaxation at Mebuki Spa. Please book an appointment before coming so that Mebuki Spa is able to serve you well. Wish you will have moments of relaxing and healthy service experience at Mebuki Spa.


Contact Info:



Address: 55 Hàm Nghi, P.Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, HCM

(In addition, Mebuki Spa now has a back gate, you go right into the address 76E Pham Viet Chanh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, there is an orange shop with the entrance.)

Hotline: 0931780865 – 028 2253 6695


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