Standard massage procedure at recent body massage spa

Currently, pressure and stress are two problems that often appear in our lives. And to relieve that anxiety, recent spa body massage became one of the popular methods. Let’s learn about the origin and method of massage in the following article of Mebuki.

Recent body massage spa

Where does body massage come from?

The recent spa body massage  has a very long origin in the West and is considered the first human medical method. Before the advent of drugs or modern machines, people knew how to use massage to cure diseases. Even on ancient Egyptian tombstones, we also see images of people giving massages.

In the East, massage appeared only about 2700 years ago in China. The kings of that time loved breathing exercises and body massage.

In Japan, therapeutic massage is considered as needleless acupuncture, bringing many benefits to the person receiving the massage. Here, one uses the fingers to create a moderate force applied to a position and spread evenly over the whole body.

Where does body massage come from?

Why is Mebuki Spa the ideal destination for relaxation and body massage?

Mebuki is a recent, professional and prestigious body massage spa address in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the ideal place for customers to energize with positive energy after a long day of work or study. Here are some reasons why you should prioritize and choose to experience the relaxing services at this quality venue.

Spa space

Mebuki Spa owns an airy and spacious space located in a prime location right in the city center. The design of Mebuki Spa is towards nature, fresh and not cramped. The massage room is just right and suitable for all customers, ensuring absolute comfort.

Staff and technicians

It can be said that the team of experts at the recent body massage spa are well-trained from experienced professionals. This shows that the exercises and courses will ensure a high level of expertise and skills. Surely will bring customers the most effective and wonderful relaxing moments.

In addition, Mebuki spa always aims at dedicated and attentive customer service. Know how to listen to opinions and contributions to improve service quality to be more and more perfect and suitable for the majority of subjects. This is also something that spa is always appreciated and receives back the trust of users.

Professional and attractive service

Not only providing one product, but at the recent body massage spa also, there are many interesting options for customers to experience. Some of them include:

  • Traditional Thai massage.
  • Foot massage at Mebuki Spa.
  • Facials, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and skin regenerating services.
  • Hot stone massage.

Each service brings different effects and uses depending on the health status of the customer. Most of these treatments will help reduce stress, fatigue, improve health and related problems. Mebuki will definitely be an effective dose that you definitely cannot miss.

Why is Mebuki Spa the ideal destination for relaxation and body massage?

The procedure performed at the recent body massage spa

To make the recent  body massage spa treatments  effective depends on a lot of factors. First of all, the implementation specialist must be a highly skilled person with in-depth knowledge and understanding. Then follow the steps in sequence to achieve the most satisfied results for the customer. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: First, customers will have a herbal foot bath and foot scrub with pink salt to help eliminate toxins from the inside out.
  • Step 2: Then, the technician will open the acupuncture points with traditional massage exercises to push toxins out of the body.
  • Step 3: The technician will perform stretching, massage, muscle tension, acupressure and pressure movements that deeply affect muscle vessels, joints, acupressure and nervous systems. These movements help dispel fatigue and bring an effective sense of relief, helping the body to be light.
  • Step 4: Perform a relaxing full body massage, focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and legs to help relieve stress with Thai massage service.
  • Step 5: Perform hand and foot massage exercises with hot stone. Next, massage the head to circulate blood vessels to the brain, reduce headaches, reduce stress and tension.
  • Step 6: Sauna and finish the recent spa body massage according to the standard procedure at Mebuki Spa.

The procedure performed at the recent body massage spa

We hope that our information and sharing will help you better understand the health and beauty services at the recent spa body massage. Contact  Mebuki  today for advice and experience the best services. Thank you readers for following our article and do not forget to support us in the next content.

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