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Recent body massage spa Binh Thanh is always interested by many people. Among thousands of Spa establishments sprouting like mushrooms, Mebuki is still the one that receives the attention of customers. So what is body massage? What’s hot about massage service at Mebuki Spa? Follow the information below.

Recent body massage spa Binh Thanh

What is body massage?

Body massage is a method of using massage movements, pressing, rubbing, rubbing to relieve stress, treat the body, and relieve pain. Massage is not a new form, it has been around for a long time. To relieve fatigue and pain, the ancients also used this method.

However, life is developing more and more, so massage is more popular. In addition, the massage movements are also adjusted to suit everyone’s condition. Body massage not only helps us reduce stress and pressure but also has many very good health benefits as follows:

  • Blood circulation: Body massage directly affects acupuncture points on the body. As a result, the blood circulation process is also smoother and more stable.
  • Improved muscle tension: People who are active regularly such as athletes or people who have to carry heavy loads will experience muscle stiffness. The best solution is to massage the body to expand the muscles and release negative energy.
  • Treatment of diseases of bones and joints: This is one of the great benefits that massage brings. Joint pain will be relieved if you massage the body regularly 2-3 times a week. You can go to Mebuki’s nearby Binh Thanh body massage spa right away if you’re nearby.

What is body massage?

Popular types of body massage

Body massage has many types, each type will focus on different parts of the body. In addition, some methods also combine hot stones, essential oils or massage chairs to achieve the highest effect.

Trigger point massage

Usually, people often hear about Japanese massage, Thai massage or essential oil massage, but trigger point massage is less common. However, this is a fairly familiar method suitable for people with injuries. Sometimes you will feel pain in a certain part of your body. Therefore, this form of massage will help you soothe the pain at that point.

Hot stone massage

At the recent body massage spa Binh Thanh, hot stone massage is chosen by many people because it gives immediate results. People with pain and muscle tension often use this method. Using hot stones helps to improve blood circulation and relieve pain quickly.

Sports massage

If you have an injury from playing sports, you can immediately use sports massage. The special thing of this method is that it affects the tendons and muscles and acupuncture points in the injured areas to relieve pain.

Alternating massage, day, pressing and acupressure movements to help you recover better.

Thai Massage

Not inferior to the traditional form of massage, Thai massage is also loved by many people. If you are looking to relieve stress, pain and positive energy, this will be a very good choice. This form of massage affects the entire body similar to the stretching of yoga.

The muscles will be stretched to eliminate all the fatigue of the body. Your whole body will become more supple, comfortable and healthy. If you don’t know where to get Thai massage, go to Mebuki’s recent body massage spa Binh Thanh right away.

Popular types of body massage

In which cases should not massage the body?

As you all know, body massage has many beneficial effects on the human body. However, there are some cases where this method should not be used:

  • People with open wounds, people with infections that lead to festering, people at risk of bleeding.
  • People with fractures, bone tumors, lymph nodes in joints, osteomyelitis, people with vitreous bone.
  • People with severe heart disease, high blood pressure, diseases of nerves, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver.
  • After bathing, drinking alcohol, having a high fever, or exercising vigorously, you should not massage the body.
  • Pregnant women should only massage gently with basic massage movements, not acupressure.
  • People who are in poor physical condition, debilitated, and thin may not be able to withstand the impact of massage. Therefore, it is necessary to limit or only perform gentle movements.

Thus, when coming to Binh Thanh’s recent body massage spa, please clearly state your health and fitness status so that the staff can advise the most suitable service package.

This is extremely important because everyone’s body is different. Therefore, their staff will conduct massage and acupressure in accordance with the condition of each customer.

In which cases should not massage the body?

Hopefully the information shared by Mebuki Spa about the recent body massage spa Binh Thanh will be useful to you. Come to Mebuki now to enjoy the best massage moments. Contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

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