Recent body massage spa in District 2 in Mebuki

Body massage is one of the indispensable health treatments. Want to know more about this method as well as the recent body massage spa in District 2? Don’t worry, your questions will be answered by Mebuki in the article below.

Recent body massage spa in District 2

What is the effect of body massage?

Body massage is often used to dispel fatigue, stress, relax the body, and eliminate toxins. When massaging, staff will use hands or some equipment to physically impact the tendons and muscles. To increase the effectiveness, many spas also incorporate herbs or hot stones.

In the past, massage was just a normal method of massaging, pressing and manipulating to relieve pain. Today, body massage has developed a lot.

There are many famous types of massage such as: Swedish massage, hot stone massage, essential oil massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage. Or trigger point massage, acupressure, shiatsu massage, Thai massage, prenatal massage.

Each type of recent body massage spa in District 2 will have different techniques and benefits. However, it does share the following basic uses:

  • Better blood circulation, effective control of blood pressure, elimination of toxins in the body.
  • Bring a feeling of comfort, relaxation, reduce stress, depression, bring good sleep.
  • Regenerate positive energy for the body to study and work better.
  • The body’s immune system is improved and strengthened with regular massage.
  • Releases endorphins, so muscles will reduce fatigue, reduce numbness of hands and feet, treat injuries caused by exercise, playing sports.
  • Helps to beautify the skin, giving the skin a smooth, shiny appearance.
  • Helps burn body fat.
  • Recovery from a stroke is faster with massage.

What is the effect of body massage?

Advantages and disadvantages of some popular forms of massage

Each form of massage brings practical benefits to our health and well-being. Besides that, there are still some minor limitations. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 most popular types of massage today.

Thai Massage

Thai massage uses the force of fingers, hands and elbows to act on the body and acupuncture points. At the same time, use essential oils to gently massage the body to relax, reduce pain.

This method works directly on about 10 major vessels throughout the body. It is used to treat a number of diseases such as headaches, sciatica, abdominal pain, circulatory diseases, etc.

However, Thai massage has a limitation that requires the massage therapist to have good skills, experience, and training. Just doing a wrong movement can cause dislocation, fracture.

Hot stone massage

This form of massage has been around for a long time and originated in India. Before, hot stone massage was only for the elite and aristocrats. Hot stone massage method helps the body to relax deeply and soothe sore muscles and joints.

This type of massage is chosen by many customers, it is suitable for both women and men. At the recent body massage spa in District 2 of Mebuki, hot stone massage is also very popular.

Using a variety of stones of different sizes, shapes, and origins with different temperatures will give different effects.

To perform this massage method, the staff must check the temperature of the stone because hot stone can burn the customer’s skin. Besides, pay attention to choose a quality, smooth stone so as not to hurt the skin of the person being massaged.

Herbal massage

This is also one of the familiar forms of massage today. Selected herbs are benign, pleasant aromas that make users feel comfortable.

Combining massage movements, acupressure and hot herbs creates a wonderful massage that everyone wants to experience. This method helps to detoxify, purify the body and make the skin smooth.

However, staff must do a thorough thermodynamic test before placing the hot herbal bag directly on the client’s skin. In case of sensitive skin, you may be allergic to some ingredients of the herbal mixture.

Advantages and disadvantages of some popular forms of massage

What to keep in mind when massaging the body?

After learning about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of massage, let’s point out some more issues to pay attention to when using this method.

  • Should massage the body at least once a week, each time lasts from 90 – 120 minutes to relax the whole body. If you only massage occasionally and the time taken is too short, it may not bring the expected results.
  • Should exfoliate the body and steam before the massage to open the pores. At that time, the new detoxification process takes place quickly.
  • Use essential oils, herbs or body lotions with natural extracts to feel soft and smooth. Limit chemicals for brighter, healthier skin.
  • Do not massage, rub too hard. Use just enough force to warm up muscles, stretch tendons, and stimulate blood circulation. If you don’t know how to massage and acupressure, come to Mebuki – Recent body massage spa in District 2.
  • During the massage, listen to melodious music to relax the mind and regulate endorphins.
  • Do not shower immediately after the massage because the body is prone to colds and flu.

What to keep in mind when massaging the body?

Mebuki – Recent body massage spa in District 2 is proud to be one of the leading units in the field of massage and beauty care. We invite you to come to the Spa to experience the best services. Thank you readers for following the article.

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