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In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many spas that provide body massage services. However, finding a safe, highly effective and affordable treatment facility is not a simple thing. If you are also learning and interested in body massage, please come to Mebuki – a recent body massage spa in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recent body massage spa

What is body massage? Should or should not massage the body?

Body massage is a full body massage from head to toe. It usually starts the massage from the head, neck, shoulders, nape, arms, back, legs. Massage people use the force of hands, fingers, elbows and feet to massage, punch, rub, press, acupressure on the whole body.

There are many different forms of body massage at recent body massage spas. Specifically, at Mebuki Spa, we have several types as follows: Thai, Japanese, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, essential oils, massage chairs, sports massage, trigger points, neck and shoulders, and nape.

Each type will have its own advantages and techniques. However, they all bring benefits to the human body such as:

  • Release stress, fatigue, stress, pressure in the body.
  • Body massage improves blood circulation.
  • Soothes muscle and joint pain. Therefore, some people with bone and joint diseases have chosen to massage the body instead of taking western medicine. In more severe cases such as bone tumors, fractures, osteomyelitis, you need to see a doctor for timely treatment.
  • Tissues, tendons, and muscles will recover faster if they are massaged. People who exercise a lot and exercise strongly often choose this method.
  • Improve general health such as depression, back pain, indigestion, sleep disorders.

Should or should not massage the body?

Some things to know about body massage

To get the most out of your body massage, you need to know the following important notes:

Should have a body massage at the spa

Body massage at home is being performed by many people. However, they can only do some basic movements such as punching, squeezing, dayting, pressing, rubbing, squeezing…

Meanwhile, acupressure is one of the important and necessary manipulations that many people do not know. Thus, the results are not really optimal. In addition, if performed incorrectly, it will lead to fractures, dislocations …

Therefore, you should go to the spa for a massage. Here, the staff are well-trained, have a lot of experience in massage and know acupressure.

In addition, at the spa, there are full equipment and a combination of hot stones, herbs, and essential oils to make the massager feel most comfortable.

Regular, regular body massage

If you want this method to be most effective, improve your mental and health significantly, you should do it at least 1-2 times a week. Massage time each time from 90 – 120 minutes is reasonable.

This time is just enough for you to relax your muscles, eliminate toxins and take care of your skin. Recently, many people are interested in body massage spa because of the increasing demand for massage.

The massage force is suitable for the body

When conducting massage, do not use too weak or too strong force. If it’s too weak, it won’t work. If it is too strong, it will lead to more pain and fatigue in the body. For men, strong force should be used because the skin is thick and the muscles are strong. For women, it is easier.

Do not shower after massage

After being massaged, you will feel extremely comfortable, mentally and physically restored. However, you should remember that absolutely do not take a bath after a massage. At this time, the body needs rest and relaxation. Therefore, whether taking a hot or cold shower, it is easy to get sick and have a fever.

Some things to know about body massage

Should pregnant women massage the body?

This is an issue of great concern. During pregnancy, the hormonal changes in a woman’s body often lead to pain and fatigue. People often think that when pregnant, massage should be limited.

However, pregnant women can still participate in relaxation sessions, saunas and massages at the recent body massage spa, specifically at Mebuki.

According to experts, body massage during pregnancy does not affect or harm the health and mental health of mother and baby if massaged properly.

Besides, if the right massage method will bring a lot of great benefits. At that time, the increase of dopamine, serotonin and decreased cortisol and norepinephrine will help pregnant women reduce pain, sleep better, and improve metabolism between mother and baby.

Note that no acupressure to avoid contractions. Do not massage in the abdomen and chest so as not to endanger the fetus. Thus, pregnant women should only perform some simple and gentle massage movements.

Coming to Mebuki – a recent body massage spa in Ho Chi Minh City, you will be immersed in a peaceful and airy space. Quality – price and reputation are always the things that Mebuki aims for. The body massage exercises under the skillful hands of technicians will surely satisfy customers.

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