Recent male body massage at Mebuki spa

Men’s body massage has recently been interested by many people and learning about this service and care method, but now many of you are still thinking about massage only for women, so you don’t dare to try it. If you need it, we have all the things you want to know about the recent male body massage under this article.

Recent male body massage

1. Some services at recent male body massage

You are actively participating in some sport or are actively exercising regularly. The recent male body massage helps you relax and soothe when the muscles are tense. Massage can also reduce pain caused by injury and help heal faster injuries in tissues and muscles.

If you often fly for work or like to travel around the world. On the plane, people often sit still, the body is restrained and under a lot of pressure, in an unusual position.

So your body is naturally stressed. With a good massage therapy will relieve stress, relax and get you back to work refreshed.

In addition, going more specialized in massage will have therapeutic massage with better health benefits according to experts. You can consult your doctor to find out which type of massage is suitable for your health condition and has the best benefits and effects for you. The following are some of the main types of body massage:

Many massage techniques are served with purposes such as head and neck massage, … for body massage, are divided into 4 main types of massage that have effects on the body.

Thai Massage

Thai massage was developed by Buddhists thousands of years ago. As you might think, there’s a bit of spiritual tradition attached to it. Men’s body massage is a type of Thai massage, it involves very passive muscle stretching and gentle pressure, performed with a cloth, lying on a futon mattress.

Swedish Massage

This Swedish massage may be the most familiar to you, as it follows more Western anatomical and physiological traditions. The therapist will use a wide range of movements on different areas of the body – it’s called a blowout – to begin the massage session. They then move on to specifically target the problem areas.

Deep tissue massage

This is a form of deep massage based on the roots of Swedish massage. Use pressure to release chronic muscle tension. It enters the deeper layers of muscle tissue, fascia, and tendons.

Deep tissue massage can lower blood pressure and stress hormones. Deep tissue massage is also specifically used to assist in the treatment of advanced problems such as limited range of motion and repetitive strain injuries.

Sports massage

Based on all of the techniques above, they should definitely be incorporated into your workout regimen. Especially if you’re regularly training for competitions like marathons, triathlons, and relays.

If you have never been to a male body massage or have ever gone without walking, do not focus on doing it the day before your event.

You should do sports massage early every week or two in your workout schedule. This practice will help prevent injury when your muscles are overworked and stressed before your competition, and it will also reduce recovery time after competitions.

Some services at recent male body massage

2. Recent steps to perform male body massage techniques

After you have prepared some steps such as applying massage oil and lying on the massage chair, we continue to perform massage movements. You should talk to your partner to know the necessary position to focus the massage for more comfort, then remember and continue to do it next time.

Sliding hands

Your hands are placed parallel to each other then slide down each side of the back, massaging the entire lower back and buttocks. Next, we slide our hands up the neck, over the shoulders, and down the arms to the fingertips.

Repeat these movements a minimum of six times. As you do this, ask where your partner shows signs of fatigue so we can focus on massaging that spot.


First, both of your hands are placed over one side of your partner’s hips and then gently pull toward the spine. Move your hands to the waist, then pull up again towards the spine.

Then, use your hands to move toward your chest and pull up toward your spine. Finally, place your hands directly under your armpits and pull them up toward your spine. Continue to repeat the movement on the other side.


If you have ever kneaded pizza dough or bread, this technique will be very easy. But if you have never kneaded, try using your hands to squeeze your partner’s back and buttocks and use your hands to push and squeeze to the position to be massaged.

Then slide your hands over to another area of ​​your back and repeat until your partner is well kneaded from neck to bottom.

Foot massage

Currently you continue to perform the hand-on-leg technique using slow motion. Follow this movement combining kneading and massaging each foot one by one. Then apply the oil evenly to each foot: apply evenly around the heels, ankles and between the toes.

Next, slide your palm toward the bottom of your partner’s feet about four times. Gently rotate each toe clockwise and counterclockwise. Finally, insert your index finger between each toe, repeating the movements for the other foot.

Recent steps to perform male body massage techniques

3. Some benefits of coming to experience male body massage recently

When you come to experience men’s body massage recently, it will bring the following advantages:

Make your body healthier

This is the best way to take care of your overall health, it only affects the outside but has many benefits deep inside.

Recently, male body massage not only helps the spirit to relax comfortably but also helps the body parts work well, the body is healthy and disease prevention.

Helps relax the body and relieve muscle pain

Fitness trainers often recommend that athletes do a lot of massage to reduce muscle soreness after a workout and even come back with a better workout intensity.

Recently, male body massage is a way to relax muscles, circulate blood and help neutralize poisoned muscles.

Helps reduce fatigue after stressful times

The recent male body massage helps the blood vessels to work more, with high elasticity from which the blood is circulated and this helps you feel less stressed and tired.

Using gentle movements, moderate stimulation combined with massage will affect acupuncture points, stimulate body areas, cure fatigue for you.

If you have a lot of great work pressure or have troubles, you should massage to regain balance for your body.

Detoxify the body

There are countless ways to remove toxins from your body and effectively detoxify the body, massage is also the best way. For the use of hot essential oils combined with the massage of the hands will create heat that will promote detoxification from the body.

You often see people using the wind when having a cold when you see a black bruise on the surface of the body skin, that is the massage and detoxification has been brought out.

Benefits of coming to experience male body massage recently

The recent male body massage is a wonderful place that you should experience. Make sure you have a very comfortable experience because we always prioritize quality and customer service first. If you are interested in the service here, please contact Mebuki Spa quickly.

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