Mebuki spa – Recent massage in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Mebuki spa is located right in Ho Chi Minh City, if you want to find a massage area near district 1, then we will introduce to you a quality massage place of international standards. That is the Mebuki spa massage place. Then to know if this is a suitable massage place for you or not. Please continue to follow this article to learn more about Mebuki spa golf massage.

Recent massage in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

A brief introduction about Mebuki spa – Recent massage service in District 1

If you are looking to experience a new massage space. With extremely effective massage methods. Along with the hands of a team with high expertise in the massage profession. And especially located in the recent massage area in District 1 located in Ho Chi Minh City. Then Mebuki spa is a top trusted suggestion for you.

Here you will be taken care of health by massage methods from simple to complex. With many different massage services and accompanying benefits after massage. Mebuki spa always wants to bring you a healthy and beautiful body from the inside out. And the soul is comfortable after using the service.

Currently Mebuki spa is always the first choice. For those who wish to experience a new space, a sense of beauty and health care. But still ensure top quality, safety and reputation.

Recent massage service in District 1

The process of massage steps at Mebuki spa – Recent Massage in District 1

To better understand the massage process of the golf massage service at Mebuki spa. Here, try to learn about it.

  • Stage 1: At the first stage, the massage therapists will give you a basic massage. By pressing acupoints along the head, then continue to gently massage on the head area. Like that, your shoulders and neck will also be massaged and pressed down gradually.
  • Stage 2: Next, after being massaged the shoulders, neck and head. You will continue to have a light massage to your arm and then the therapist will gradually press down on your arm. At this stage, you will be combining massage with Thai yoga to get better results.
  • Stage 3: After being massaged all the arms and hands. The technicians will continue to massage your feet. You will have acupressure gradually along your legs, enjoy the feeling of foot massage and ankle joint cracking. This will make your feet feel more comfortable and reduce joint pain.
  • Stage 4: This will be the final stage after massaging the leg. You will be returned to massage evenly and lightly on the head and continue to massage the back. In this final step, the massage therapists massage your back with a moderate force. This will make it easier for you to have a deeper and better sleep.

The process of massage steps at Mebuki spa – Recent Massage in District 1

Reasons to use massage services at Mebuki spa

If you are still wondering whether to choose Mebuki spa as a massage place near District 1 to relax on the weekend or not. Then here are some reasons why you should use massage services at Mebuki spa.

  • Massage oils are used completely extracted from nature, all imported from Japan.
  • The masseurs at Mebuki spa are well-trained and thorough. All have long-standing massage skills, in massage treatment and care.
  • All massage services will benefit immediately after using the service package. Especially, there are many massage service packages, which will help you choose the right service package for you.

Contact information to experience massage services at Mebuki spa

After reading the information above, if you feel interesting and want to experience the feeling of massage at golf massage mapuki spa. Then you can book a massage right away or want to get more information about the service. Please contact us using the contact form below.

  • Original website at Mebuki spa:
  • Mebuki spa’s fanpage:
  • The head office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, W19, Binh Thanh District.
  • Hotline for booking or consulting: 0931780865   or   028 2253 6695.
  • Email Mebuki spa:

Contact information to experience massage services at Mebuki spa

After reading this article, you can see the detailed information about the massage of the regulated gold massage service. And the reasons why you should experience massage at Mebuki spa. We hope that this article will satisfy your need for information about recent massage in District 1.

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Address: 55 Hàm Nghi P.Nguyễn Thái Bình Quận 1 TP.Hồ Chí Minh

Hotline: 0931780865028 2253 6695

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