Recent massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa

If the information you are looking for is a recent spa body massage in District 2. The information of this article will be very useful for you. We will bring you a choice that is being trusted by many people to use the services here. Therefore, after reading this article, you can make a decision to trust Mebuki spa. Or put on the top list in choosing a place to take care of body massage recently in District 2.

Mebuki spa – Recent body care and massage in District 2

Introducing body care and massage services at Mebuki spa

When using the recent body massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa. You will receive thoughtful skin care and a thorough body massage from head to toe. The special thing when using the body massage service at Mebuki spa is that the massage exercises are used with methods that can treat diseases such as: shoulder pain, neck fatigue, …

Mebuki spa is committed to bringing you the best results. Right after you experience the massage service here. With a team of dedicated and dedicated massage therapists. Besides, you will be consulted to find the right massage service for you.

The special thing here is that for each combo service, customers will experience more than the expected time. Typically, the 120-minute combo package, customers will experience up to 160 minutes. Time is divided specifically for the following steps:

  • The first 10 minutes will massage to relax the feet and exfoliate the feet.
  • The next 30 minutes will put intensive pressure on the feet.
  • The next 45 minutes will focus on intensive acupressure on shoulder and neck treatments.
  • The next 45 minutes will be full body massage you can choose any of the Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki packages.
  • The last 15 minutes you will receive a hot stone massage that is included to help relieve pain and relax.
  • The last 30 minutes three will get a free sauna after the massage.

As for the 90-minute combo service package, you will experience a massage with a duration of up to 130 minutes. Details of the massage steps for this combo package will be performed as follows:

  • In the first 10 minutes you will be massaged to relax your feet and exfoliate your feet.
  • In the next 30 minutes, you will receive intensive acupressure on the shoulder and neck treatment.
  • In the next 45 minutes you will have a body massage, you can choose one of the following massage methods: Thai, Shi/ Mebuki or Aroma.
  • In the 15 minutes before the end you will be given a hot massage to help relieve pain and relax.
  • In the last 30 minutes, you will be able to use the free service package of sauna after massage.

Recent massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa

Steps to set up body massage at Mebuki spa

  • Procedure Step 1: The first step the masseuses will pre-warm your body using essential oils. After that, you will be massaged and lightly massaged all over your body.
  • Too process step 2: After being fully massaged, the back will be the first place that the massage experts focus on. Then you will be massaged evenly to the next parts such as from the waist to the back. Then, from the back to the neck then spread to the shoulders and neck. In each part of the body will be used each appropriate part. This thing will help for your base to be going to more comfortable, and avoid injury to the joints.
  • Step 3: Continue until the back is fully massaged, you will continue to be massaged to the front part. The massage hands of experts will be transferred from the chest area to the abdomen area. Because the front part is the part with thin skin, and also the touch part, it will be massaged in a very gentle way.
  • Step 4: This will be the final massage step before completing this service. You will be Relax a message by the console of the gentle, gentle massage. This will help your facial muscles become more relaxed.

Steps to set up body massage at Mebuki spa

The benefits received when using the body care massage service at Mebuki spa

After experiencing this service, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Benefit 1: Helps reduce stress, and restores energy from deep within the soul after hours of study and stressful working hours. Dispel the negatives and bring the positivity to you.
  • Benefit 2: Helps limit bone and joint diseases, thanks to oriental medicine acupressure.
  • Benefit 3: Helps to circulate the blood sugar in the blood. This will make your body stronger and stronger. And can also cure long-term insomnia or lack of sleep.
  • Benefit 4: Helps skin become rosy, bright and stronger. This will make you more confident in your daily activities.
  • Benefit 5: Helps relieve pain and thoroughly relieve long-term joint pain.

Massage service near district 2 body care at Mebuki spa

Contact information to book a recent body massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa

After learning the above information about the recent body massage in District 2 at Mebuki spa. If you have any questions about the services here, you can contact them directly for advice. Or make an appointment using the contact information below.

  • Website:
  • Phone: 0931780865 – 028 2253 6695.
  • Fanpage:
  • Email:
  • Address: 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, HCM.
  • Book an appointment directly at:

Finally, after you have learned a lot about Mebuki spa – a recent body massage location in District 2. If you feel the information we provide is suitable for you. Then you can schedule an experience right now from the above contact information.

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Hotline: 0931780865028 2253 6695

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