The recent massage sauna address in District 2 should not be missed

There are many facilities that provide sauna and massage services on the market. However, not all addresses guarantee good quality and high efficiency. If you want to find a prestigious recent massage sauna address in District 2. Then follow to the end of the article to be introduced to a massage facility you should not ignore.

Recent massage sauna address in District 2

How to understand sauna massage?

Not only the phrase  recent massage sauna address in District 2 is searched a lot. Which many people also search what is sauna massage. In fact, these are two methods to support body relaxation and therapy. Sauna and massage are methods chosen by many people to relieve stress and fatigue.

There are quite a few questions about whether it is right to have a sauna first or a massage first. According to experts, the right process will include a clean bath, drying, sauna, massage.

So, you should steam and then massage for the best effect. After steaming, the pores will open, at this time the massage will be easier.

So when is the best time for sauna and massage? Massage can be done regularly because this method is both easy and effective. However, massage or sauna is mainly used when you want to relax. Or in cases where you feel tired, cold, headache, mentally sluggish.

However, sauna massage is not for people with high fever or skin diseases. Although massage can be therapeutic, if you have an open wound, it is not applicable.

In addition, varicose veins, high blood sugar, pregnant women, newborns, skin rashes, etc. People who eat too much, are hungry, etc. are the subjects that are not eligible for sauna massage.

Some notes when going to massage sauna

Sauna or massage both bring many health benefits. However, before looking for a recent massage sauna address in District 2. Readers should note some of the following contents:

Drink while resting

Sauna will cause dehydration due to sweating, so after the sauna massage process you should drink water. Can use fruit juice, mineral water. Or simply water mixed with a little salt to replenish lost water, vitamins and salt.

Sauna time

Not every sauna for longer will be better, but you should adjust the time accordingly. According to experts, with temperatures from 80°C to 90°C, humidity from 20 to 40%, you should steam for about 17 minutes.

If the temperature is around 40°C to 50°C and humidity is 80-100%, the maximum duration is only about 20 minutes.

Situations where you should not go to the sauna

Although saunas can be relaxing, if you are sick or too tired, do not use a sauna. Because sauna dehydrating can make your condition worse.

You should also note that you should not shower immediately after the sauna. Even if you use hot or cold water to shower. Doing this is very dangerous and can affect your life.

Some notes when going to massage sauna

Prestigious nearby sauna and massage facility in District 2

Readers can refer to a nearby massage sauna address in District 2. That is Mebuki Spa. Mebuki is known for having many very attractive combo packages. One of the packages you should try is the 90 and 120 minute massage here:

90-minute combo package at Mebuki

With this combo package, you will get a foot and body massage within 150 minutes. Surprisingly, the actual usage time is more than 60 minutes.

The first step in this combo pack will be exfoliating the legs. Then the foot press massage for this part. The total duration of these two steps is 40 minutes.

The next 60 minutes you will have a body massage depending on the package you choose. There will be packages like Thai, Aroma and Mebuki Signature, you can choose according to your preference. Not only will you be given extra time, you will also be given gifts.

Specifically, you will have a hot stone sauna for 15 minutes and a dry sauna for 30 minutes. So great, what are you waiting for without trying this combo pack at Mebuki right now.

Combo pack 120 minutes

With this combo package, you will get a comprehensive massage from the shoulders to the body and legs. The actual usage time is also 150 minutes, 30 minutes more than the package name.

First you will also be exfoliated and massaged your feet for 40 minutes. Then there is a 45-minute intensive massage of the shoulders and nape with the price of only 650,000 VND.

You will also get a 45-minute body massage of your choice. There are four packages you can choose from: Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature.

This combo pack also has two gifts similar to the 90 minute package. It is 15 minutes of hot stone and 30 minutes of sauna exclusively for Mebuki customers.

Prestigious recent massage sauna address in District 2

Now you know a reputable address that provides  recent massage sauna address in District 2 , right? If you want to experience the best services, come to Mebuki. One thing you don’t have to worry about is that  Mebuki  always takes the best care of its customers. Come and experience it right away.

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