Prestigious recent massage establishment in Ho Chi Minh City

Massage is an effective method to relieve pain and fatigue symptoms for the body. If you feel tired after stressful working hours, go to the nearby massage facilities to relax and heal your body! Here, we will provide you with some of the main effects of massage and introduce you to the most prestigious massage facility in Ho Chi Minh City today!

Prestigious nearby massage facility

What is massage?

Massage translated into Vietnamese means “light pressure”. This is a method of treating the body by mechanically acting on the parts, in order to relieve pain and fatigue for the body. The massage method has appeared as the earliest medical method of man. The ancient kings loved this method of treatment to cure aches and pains of the body.

When conducting massage, technicians will perform manipulations such as rubbing, manipulating, stroking, squeezing, … on parts of the body such as legs, hands, neck, back to affect acupuncture points at the points. this part. Besides, people also combine the use of herbs and essential oils in the massage process to achieve the best effect.

The benefits that massage brings to people

Most people know that massage is a method to help protect and improve health. However, if you ask more deeply about the use of massage for each organ system of the body, not everyone knows. Here, Mebuki spa will analyze the impact of massage on each organ system!

Effects of massage on the locomotor system

After a period of strenuous exercise, massage will cause the blood vessels to dilate to help transport oxygenated blood to the motor organs. Organs, when provided with nutrients in time, will be restored and increase muscle mobility. In addition, this method also helps the muscles and tendons to relax after a long time being stretched. Thereby reducing the pain and fatigue of limbs.

Effects of massage on the nervous system

Immediately after the massage, you will easily feel its impact on the nervous system. This method will stimulate the conduction of nerve impulses and reflexes of the nervous system. From there, increasing excitement creates a feeling of comfort for the body.

After the massage is complete, all your feelings of fatigue, anxiety and stress will disappear completely. In addition, massage  helps you have a better sleep. That is also the reason why people often go to massage spas recently to relax when facing pressure or stress.

Effects of massage on the circulatory system

Massage has the effect of dilating blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation throughout the body to provide nutrients to cells. Regular blood circulation will stabilize blood pressure, enhance the contractile function of the heart muscle. Keeps your circulatory system healthy.

Massage helps to lose weight and prevent aging

The massage during the massage process helps to burn excess fat for your body. If combined with regular exercise, you will have a beautiful and healthy body. In addition, there are a number of massage techniques for facial muscles that reduce aging, stimulate skin regeneration to prevent wrinkles, and help you have a vibrant skin.

The benefits that massage brings to people

Prestigious recent massage establishment in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are looking for the most prestigious massage place nearby, don’t miss Mebuki Spa! This is a facility that provides the most experiential massage services for you. At Mebuki Spa, you can choose combo combos, especially Combo 120 minutes of body and shoulder massage, which will help you relieve aches and pains really effectively.

Combo 120 minutes, customers will experience more than 160 minutes in reality as follows:

  • 10′ Relax your feet & exfoliate your feet.
  • 30′ Deep foot acupressure.
  • 45′ Intensive acupressure & shoulder and neck treatment 650,000VND.
  • 45′ Body Massage, choose from any Thai/Shi/ Aroma or Mebuki.
  • 15′ Hot stone massage included to help relieve pain and relax.
  • 30′ Free sauna after massage.

Surely you will be “Addiction” after experiencing this 120-minute Combo package.

Prestigious recent massage establishment in Ho Chi Minh City

Thus, the most recent massage place worth experiencing is Mebuki Spa. Come to Mebuki Spa to relax after stressful and tiring working hours! Mebuki Spa certainly won’t let you down. If you have any questions, please contact us directly for a timely response!

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