What should be noted about the recent sauna massage method?

Today, there are many methods to relieve stress and increase the body’s resistance. One of them, the recent sauna massage method is still preferred by everyone. This method still has some problems to be aware of when using, did you know? Mebuki Spa will share with you useful knowledge through the following article.

Recent sauna massage

Some effects when properly using steam massage recently

Recent sauna massage gives customers a feeling of comfort, the body is relaxed. However, if promoted properly, it will bring the following unexpected health benefits:

Helps to lose weight effectively

You may not know, sauna massage for about 25 minutes helps the body to consume energy equivalent to 45 minutes of walking. Therefore,  recent sauna massage  is an effective measure for those who want to lose weight. It helps to burn excess body fat, prevent obesity and help with weight loss.

In addition, sauna also helps the body control weight effectively. Helps to relax the mind, reduce stress and also prevent the body from binge eating.

Besides, you can combine steam massage with some essential oils such as lemongrass, lemon, lavender, … to promote higher efficiency.

Helps reduce stress

The process of sauna massage effectively makes the body sweat to escape the water vapor. It also dilates peripheral blood vessels. This can reduce the pressure on the heart and blood vessel walls.

The excretion of water from the body will help relieve the pressure of the kidneys. Besides, it also helps the body avoid the side effects when using diuretics to lower blood pressure.

Because the nerves interact with the muscles in the body, the smooth muscles of the blood vessel walls are dilated, which will help regulate the nerves, the body can also relieve stress and reduce stress.

Helps beautify skin

During the recent use of the  steam massage method, under the influence of heat the capillaries will become active. From there, the pores on the body expand and push the old cells to shed faster.

Not only that, the steam and high temperature also help remove toxins and dirt under the skin that are invisible to the naked eye. Stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the skin, making the skin smooth.

Some effects when properly using steam massage recently

Issues to note when sauna massage recently

Note on technical issues: For massage movements, when the technician uses standing movements on his back or uses his toes to rub the vertebrae. However, not consulting a specialist is very dangerous.

Because for patients with diseases of bones, joints, spine, weak or weak body. But using these movements is very dangerous and even makes the disease worse.

During the massage process, there have been many cases of dislocation and dislocation. The main reason is that the technicians have applied improper massage movements. Typically, using the heel to press on the vertebrae of the back, waist or vertebrae in the neck. Therefore, it is very dangerous for customers.

Therefore, when using a steam bath, it is necessary to pay attention to each person’s body and physical condition to choose the appropriate massage movements. There are many massage movements that affect the back and spine. Therefore, it is necessary to choose which movements to promote the most effective on each part of the body.

Choose the right method and temperature: if you are a healthy person and have no problems. The purpose of just wanting to go to a sauna to relax is also very good.

However, you should also note that you should only choose the right temperature for your body to sweat enough. Do not choose a temperature that is too high as it will dehydrate the body.

If your purpose is to choose recent sauna massage to lose weight is the main thing. You should focus mainly on the massage of the abdomen and buttocks, while the sauna is just a supplement. Not everyone knows that the belly and buttocks are the places where the most fat accumulates on the body.

Note on frequency: should not continuously use sauna massage, it is best to use only 1 to 2 times a week. Only steam for 10-20 minutes at a time with a temperature below 60 degrees.

Combo sauna massage is a favorite at Mebuki Spa

Foot & Body massage combo limited to 90 minutes

Mebuki recently launched the combo Steam massage Foot & Body 90 minutes with the aim for customers with a lot of foot massage needs. Helps to release the acupoints and relax the body. The special thing about this combo is that you can have the opportunity to experience the materials for up to 150 minutes. 60 minutes more than the time on the combo’s information.

In this combo, customers have the opportunity to experience Mebuki’s  recent sauna massage  treatments including: 10 minutes of body relaxation and foot scrub. Then there is a 30-minute massage of acupressure points in the feet by intensive acupressure from skilled technicians.

Next is a 60-minute body massage with Mebuki’s massage packages, which are Thai / Aroma / Mebuki Signature massage packages. Finally, they also received 2 free gifts including 15 minutes of relaxing hot stone and 30 minutes of sauna.

Comprehensive massage combo for 120 minutes

With this combo, customers will receive a comprehensive massage from the legs, shoulders, neck, and body instead of 120 minutes, up to 150 minutes. Helps you relieve all the pressure on the body.

In this combo you will get: 10 minutes of relaxation and exfoliation. 30 minutes of massage, intensive foot acupressure. 45 minutes of intensive acupressure on shoulders and back (cost only 650,000 VND).

Finally, 45 minutes of full body massage with Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature massage packages. Not only that, you will receive a completely free gift that is   15 minutes of hot stone massage and 30 minutes of sauna when choosing this combo.

Combo sauna massage is a favorite at Mebuki Spa

Above is all the information about the benefits as well as issues to note about the recent sauna massage that  Mebuki would like to share with readers. Hopefully with the information that we share, help you gain more useful knowledge about sauna massage. Do not forget to spread this useful information to your loved ones around you.

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