The most prestigious relaxing massage in HCM City today

Therefore, people need to relax and take care of more and more to ensure health. Today,  Mebuki will introduce to you a prestigious service relaxing massage in HCM City to relieve your fatigue.

Relaxing massage in HCM City

Reasons to choose a relaxing massage when going to a Spa

Relaxation massage is a form of hand massage, massaging, manipulating or rubbing on the body where the body is in pain. These manipulations will be performed by professional staff at acupuncture points and repeated.

This is to help you reduce pain as well as relax your mind without feeling tired anymore. At the same time, bring smooth, firm skin and help the body become slimmer every day.

Reasons to choose a relaxing massage when going to a Spa

Tips to guide you to choose the right service when going for a relaxing massage


Sauna is a prestigious, safe and effective method of relaxing massage in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, there are many spas that invest in saunas that are not only eye-catching in design and materials, but also ensure the quality of services and herbs.

Choosing a sauna as a treatment is when the pain in your body is getting worse or after you get sick, the sauna will help you recover quickly through the secretion of toxins through the pores.

When choosing a sauna, you will get the following benefits:

  • Blood circulation in the body.
  • Removes dirt or sebum from the skin.
  • The body becomes relaxed and light, no longer feeling tired and sore.

Soak, bathe in herbs

Each Spa center has a separate herb suitable for each treatment of the salon, such as adding herbs or traditional medicine mixed with bath water. Medical experts have also confirmed that herbal baths bring many health benefits.

Uses of herbal baths and soaks:

  • Cleanse the body, tighten pores, stimulate the production of new cells.
  • Promote blood circulation, reduce swelling, inflammation and relieve pain.
  • Provides moisture to the skin to keep it fresh and bright.

Relaxing body massage

Skillful, flexible and professional hands move over the body. Massage with herbal oils or stones on painful, tired areas or acupuncture points. Next, the combination of essential oil lamps helps your pain quickly disappear, the body is restored to full of vitality.

Tips to guide you to choose the right service when going for a relaxing massage

Why should office workers massage their necks and shoulders regularly?


The reason is that office workers have to sit for a long time in air-conditioned rooms and in front of computers. The work is sedentary and requires constant use of the hands to use the mouse and keyboard, making the joints and muscles not flexed comfortably. Over time, the blood is blocked, causing the muscles in the shoulder and neck area to become painful.


Relaxation massage service is the most effective solution to help relax and relieve stress quickly in a period of 60-90 minutes.

Therefore, as an office worker in a state of stress and excessive pressure, regular neck and shoulder massage will bring a refreshing spirit and work more effectively. Especially dispel neck and shoulder fatigue when sitting for too long in front of the working screen.

Why should office workers massage their necks and shoulders regularly?

Information about combo prestigious relaxing massage in HCM City

Combo Foot & Body for 90 minutes

Mebuki Spa has many surprise gifts for its customers such as: Combo 90 minutes has become Combo 150 minutes. When you choose this service, you will enjoy the following great benefits:

  • Both body and mind are relaxed.
  • Exfoliate dead body cells.
  • Press acupuncture points and massage deeply into the soles of the feet.
  • Thai/ Aroma/ Mebuki Signature body massage depending on your preference.
  • Finally, the gift: hot stone relaxation or sauna is completely free.

Comprehensive massage combo in 120′

This combo is actually 150 minutes and this is the surprise that Mebuki gives you. The experience when choosing this service is:

  • Exfoliate the body and relax the leg muscles.
  • Massaging, manipulating, intensive foot massage.
  • Massage the acupuncture points of the shoulder and neck to relieve pain immediately.
  • Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature body massage and choose your favorite packages
  • Finally, a special gift: you are given 15 minutes of hot stone or 30 minutes of sauna.

Information about prestigious relaxing massage combo in HCMC

Hopefully, the sharing that  Mebuki provides to you will provide you with the necessary information to choose a reputable relaxing massage in HCM City to help you be full of energy every day.

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