Prestigious and effective relaxing massage service in District 1

After a stressful working week, give yourself a relaxing space. Body massage   not only dispels fatigue and work stress, but also enhances the beauty of women. Therefore, in the article below,  Mebuki introduces you to tips and guidelines for choosing the most prominent  relaxing massage service in District 1  in Ho Chi Minh City.

Relaxing massage service in District 1

What is Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation massage is a method of health care using traditional medicine. By mechanical impact with hands that have undergone professional training and long experience. Flexible hands will rub, press and squeeze acupuncture points in painful areas of the body to help dispel the pain most quickly.

This method has been confirmed by doctors to be safe, highly effective in treatment and health care. When choosing the right treatment, your skin will become healthier, smoother, more elastic and shiny.

Most especially, you will be restored to energy to help you get mentally refreshed before starting work.

What is Relaxation Massage?

Reasons to go for a relaxing massage?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, your neck and shoulders are in need of treatment, otherwise it will be difficult to treat and dangerous in the long run.

  • The phenomenon of sharp, tingling pain in the shoulder, nape or neck area when you stand, sit for a long time or exercise vigorously.
  • In the long run, it spreads to neighboring areas such as shoulder blades, arms, and fingers, causing them to become numb, stiff and uncomfortable.
  • Rotating the neck joint, tilting the head to exercise or observing objects also becomes difficult.
  • When the weather changes, the pain is not relieved, but even worse.

Relaxing massage service in District 1 will bring great benefits to your body, which you do not think about such as:

  • Feelings of fatigue, boredom or pain are quickly dispelled before the flexible hands massaging them acupuncture points.
  • Prestigious massage treatments will help your spirit to be more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Regular relaxation massage will help the body circulate blood, easily push blood to the organs to help the body not be blocked causing uncomfortable numbness.
  • Skin is eliminated dirt, shrink pores to help skin smooth, firm and above all, prevent premature glare.
  • Gives you the deep sleep your body needs.


When you have a fever, your body has high blood pressure or infectious diseases or has osteoporosis, you should not use this relaxing massage method. Before using a relaxing massage, consult your doctor first.

Reasons to go for a relaxing massage?

Who should go for a relaxing massage service in District 1?

The following are cases with a high risk of suffering from diseases of shoulder and neck pain such as:

Office jobs sitting for a long time in the air conditioner and in front of the computer often have cases of shoulder pain.

Driving, sitting for a long time without moving the legs encourages blood circulation in the legs, which are uncomfortable and numb.

Having cervical spondylosis, cervical cancer or herniated disc is also one of the causes of chronic shoulder pain.

Information about relaxing massage combo in District 1

Neck pain is a common disease in daily life and to overcome them Mebuki will give you extremely safe and effective therapeutic combos. We invite you to take a look at our treatment process!

Combo Foot & Body in 90 minutes

Today, Mebuki Spa offers customers a great offer from a 9-minute combo to a 150-minute combo, with such an amazing route that you will reduce stress, circulate blood and above all, Neck pain disappeared completely.

  • Within the first 10 minutes you will be relaxed with a foot scrub.
  • The next 30 minutes you will have an intensive foot reflexology massage..
  • 60 minutes of body massage you will be able to choose the following packages: Thai/ Aroma/ Mebuki Signature.
  • The last step of the route is an attractive gift for you that is 20 minutes of sauna and 15 minutes of hot stone application, everything is completely free.

Comprehensive massage combo for 120 minutes

The surprise that Mebuki brings to customers in this combo package is to experience a relaxing massage route of 150 minutes instead of 120 minutes.

  • Exfoliate and relax your feet for 10 minutes.
  • 30 minutes with intensive acupressure by highly skilled staff on the feet.
  • The next 45 minutes you will get a shoulder and neck massage.
  • Massage body within 45 minutes, you will have the choice of package: Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature according to your preferences.
  • Mebuki gives you 15 minutes of hot stone along with 30 minutes of free sauna when choosing this service.

Information about relaxing massage combo in District 1

If you are tired of work all year, take some time to take care of yourself, give yourself a break, relax so that the work can go smoothly. Hopefully the information that  Mebuki provides will give you a great experience at relaxing massage service in District 1.

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