The most worth-trying shiatsu massage address in Binh Thanh district today

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Shiatsu massage is gradually becoming popular all over the world and is loved by many people. Mebuki Spa’s shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district is the leading prestigious shiatsu massage address nationwide today. So where is the origin of this method? How is it different from regular massage? Please follow the article below to know more useful information.

Mebuki Spa’s shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district

What is shiatsu massage? Where did this massage method come from?

In Japanese, shiatsu means to press with your fingers. Shiatsu massage is a form of using 2 thumbs and palms to press on areas of the skin on the body.

Shiatsu massage was born in 1320 in Japan. Over the years of development, this form of massage still exists. Currently, this is a famous massage method not only in Japan but also worldwide. It has been recognized as an effective manual therapy in Japan and is included in university curricula here.

Method of shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district

How is shiatsu massage different from other massage methods?

The operating principle of shiatsu massage is formed based on the combination of knowledge of traditional medicine and modern medicine. It is known to be a special treatment and completely different from conventional massage methods. While other massage methods use arms and elbows to massage, Shiatsu uses mainly fingers and palms to hold on the body for about 8 seconds.

Some normal massage methods only specialize in massage and acupressure to treat a few points. The shiatsu massage, on the other hand, takes a holistic approach and massages the entire body. It is the pressure of the hand that acts on the acupuncture points that help the whole body relax, arousing positive energy from within.

Shiatsu has a massage technique similar to physical therapy to help straighten bones, circulate blood, treat neck and shoulder pain, reduce stress, improve health… Applying this method, those who experience it will feel it clearly. marked improvement in health.

How is shiatsu massage different from other massage methods?

Why do Japanese people prefer shiatsu massage?

As you know, Japan is a country that is very interested in health issues. According to statistics of the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy of Japanese people is the highest in the world. After working days or weekends or holidays, they often choose to go for a massage first.

After the massage, they participate in recreational activities. In particular, shiatsu massage is the first choice of the Japanese because of the useful uses it brings.

Why do Japanese people prefer shiatsu massage?

The uses of shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district of Mebuki Spa

It is not natural that shiatsu massage has become so famous and loved by many people. Some special uses of shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district for health are as follows:

  • Relieve pain in muscles and joints: By using the force of fingers and hands to affect acupuncture points. Shiatsu massage helps repel joint pain, body aches after a long day of studying and working. From there, the body is quickly restored and full of energy.
  • Mental relaxation: Through the movements of this method, it helps us to reduce stress, fatigue and pressure. With the movements of rubbing, stroking, massaging, and acupressure, the stress in the body will be released, the spirit will be comfortable, and the blood will be circulated well.
  • Visibly improved eyesight: Regular eye massage shiatsu will help you reduce myopia and enhance eyesight. Besides, the condition of eye pain is also improved better.
  • Shiatsu massage helps to rejuvenate the skin: The soft tissues of the skin during the massage process will be greatly affected, thereby stimulating blood circulation. When the blood supply is sufficient to all parts of the body, the sebum on the skin will be eliminated. Therefore, it can be said that shiatsu helps to regenerate the skin, effectively preventing the aging process.

The uses of shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district of Mebuki Spa

Mebuki Spa’s shiatsu massage method in Binh Thanh district is suitable for whom?

This is a great health care therapy and is suitable for almost all subjects as follows:

  • People who are having problems with joint pain, degenerative spine, back pain.
  • People who suffer from frequent insomnia, do not sleep deeply, or suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain.
  • People who are in a state of fatigue, depression, anxiety, discomfort in the body.
  • People who want to improve and enhance their eyesight.
  • Pregnant women want to reduce morning sickness, in addition, using this method also helps to reverse postpartum depression in women very effectively.
  • Those who want to take care of beauty, especially skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

At Mebuki, we pay special attention to the quality of massage exercises, using the right and sufficient force according to the condition of each customer. All Japanese guests who come to Mebuki to experience the service are very satisfied.

Prices at Mebuki are publicly listed, committed to no additional fees. Japanese tourists coming to Vietnam on business often choose Mebuki as their first destination. In addition, they also introduce many partners to massage here. So, you can rest assured when using our shiatsu massage method in Binh Thanh district.

Mebuki Spa’s shiatsu massage method in Binh Thanh district is suitable for whom?

Above is all information about shiatsu massage in Binh Thanh district that we want to share with you. Shiatsu massage not only helps to relax the body but it is also an extremely effective healing method. So what are you waiting for without coming to Mebuki Spa to experience this unique massage method.

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