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Shiatsu massage is currently the most popular and chosen massage method today. Originating from Japan, when returning to Vietnam, this massage method has quickly become a famous therapy. It is even applied to medicine and is the basis of many modern massage machines today. So what is Shiatsu massage today Mebuki Spa will find out with you.

Shiatsu massage method

What is Shiatsu Massage?

In Japanese, shiatsu means pressing with a finger. This is considered one of the famous massage methods in Japan and is widely popular around the world. Shiatsu massage method will use pressing two hands, 2 thumbs combined with palms to press on areas of the body. The pressure of the hand will directly affect the acupuncture points on the body.

The effect of this massage method is to help balance abnormal problems in the body, heal wounds and reduce pain. It also helps to stimulate energy in the body. In medicine, this massage method has been recognized as a separate treatment method. At the same time, there are special points that are more outstanding than conventional massage methods.

Experiencers will feel the change, marked improvement in health and comfort after experiencing shiatsu massage. Currently, most massage centers offer this treatment, including Mebuki Spa.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

The birth of shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage was created by master Akashi Kan Ichi in the 1320s. Later this massage method gradually became popular and spread widely thanks to Master Sugiyama Waichi.

At the time shiatsu massage became popular, it was practiced only by the blind and some medical schools for the blind. It was not until after World War II ended that the massage of the blind was banned.

Experiencing a long history, shiatsu massage is still developing and surviving today thanks to Tokujiro Namikoshi. He founded Shiatsu College in the 1940s. At this time the Japanese government also recognized this as the most professional method of manual therapy. Simultaneously put into teaching training at universities.

The birth of shiatsu massage

The mechanism and principle of shiatsu massage

This massage method is performed through acupressure. Thereby creating a source of energy to help heal wounds in the body. Shiatsu will regulate the activity of the autonomic nervous system. Simply use your thumb and palm to massage and press on the acupuncture points.

In addition, this method also has more techniques like physiotherapy or osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, etc. This is also the reason why this method is applied in medicine, because the treatment effect of bone and joint diseases is very effective that it brings.

The mechanism and principle of shiatsu massage

Health benefits of shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a method of acupressure with fingertips, affecting the lymphatic system and meridians. Helps to dispel the congested blood areas that cause pain in the body. Here are some typical benefits of this approach.

Reduce pain, limit the possibility of arthritis

When using the movements of pressing or rubbing the acupuncture points of the fingers, it will help soothe the painful muscle area clearly. At the same time, it also prevents joint fluid from condensing, making muscles stronger and limiting arthritis diseases. The condition of muscle pain will also be improved based on the increase in the supply of nutrients to the muscles when massaged.

Migraine treatment

The use of shiatsu massage method will help blood circulate better in the body, thereby helping the nervous system to be maximally relaxed. Blood will favorably push to the brain to reduce migraine attacks. At the same time bring a more pleasant and comfortable feeling to the mind.

Stimulates the circulatory and digestive systems

This massage method not only affects one area but also affects all body parts. The blood supply to the cells is enhanced. Regular practice of shiatsu massage will help the circulatory system as well as the digestive system of the experiencer to work better. Wastes and residues will be easily pushed out of the body.

Health benefits of shiatsu massage

Skin rejuvenation

In the process of performing the massage method, the soft tissues of the skin will be most affected. This is to stimulate blood circulation, blood will be supplied evenly to all parts of the body.

At the same time, it helps the elimination process on the skin to work more smoothly and better. Shiatsu helps to regenerate the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, and helps the skin to be brighter and more ruddy, preventing aging on the skin.

Beneficial for pregnant women

This method will help pregnant women minimize morning sickness, hangover or fatigue in the body. Besides, it also helps to repel the risks of stress and depression during pregnancy instead of being comfortable and relaxed in the soul.

Improve eyesight

The best thing about shiatsu massage is its ability to relax the eyes to improve vision. This method helps blood circulation take place better, thereby helping blood supply to the eyes more. This will help improve vision problems and help the eyes look brighter.

Help to relax

When experiencing this massage method, customers will be relaxed, relax the whole body. Feel the acupressure massage extremely refreshing and comfortable. These feelings of relaxation, pain relief will help the spirit become excited, comfortable, reduce stress.

Benefits of shiatsu massage

The above article has provided readers with the famous shiatsu massage method. If you want to try this method, don’t forget to visit Mebuki Spa. With experienced professionals, we ensure to bring the most wonderful and relaxing experience to our customers.

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