Shoulder and neck massage where quality assurance?

Nowadays, many people suffer from neck pain and do not know how to relieve the pain. Taking a lot of medicine is not a long-term cure. Therefore, people look to massage facilities to relieve this condition. However, where to massage the shoulder and neck to bring the best effect is still a question that many people are interested in. Read the article below to learn about Mebuki Spa – the leading prestigious facility today.

Where is the neck and shoulder massage?

Why do so many people suffer from neck pain?

Shoulder and neck pain is a phenomenon in the shoulder, neck, neck area that is painful and stiff, making it difficult for people to move and tired all day. This disease is directly related to the bones, joints and blood vessels in these areas. Regardless of age or gender, neck pain can occur in anyone.

There are many causes of this disease, some of the most common of which are as follows:

  • Derived from diseases closely related to the neck and shoulders such as spondylolisthesis, spinal calcification, shoulder arthritis, disc herniation…
  • Practicing sports with the wrong method such as not warming up before exercising, practicing wrong technique, exercising too hard, exercising too hard…
  • Lying or sitting in the wrong position: Lying for too long in one position, sitting stooped, face down on the table or leaning back too much.
  • Nature of work: Often having to do heavy work, standing or sitting all day for a long time.
  • Improper diet and living: Not supplementing with enough nutrients and vitamins, irregular living hours.
  • Injury: Having an accident involving the shoulder and neck.
  • Cold air infection: Cold wind penetrates causing blockage of blood and gas, causing nerves around the shoulder and neck area to be seriously damaged.

Causes of neck and shoulder pain

Where is the best place to massage the neck and shoulders?

People are more and more interested in health, so massage spas are constantly opening to meet the needs of customers. Shoulder and neck pain is a phenomenon that occurs in most of us, so many facilities have a shoulder and neck massage service.

However, where is the shoulder and neck massage among tens of thousands of spa facilities in our country is still a question that many people are interested in. It is not easy to find an address with a heart and a reach.

Mebuki Spa – a massage address that has been established for many years and is always a pioneer in the field of massage is a facility worth coming to experience. Here, we have an airy and spacious space for customers to comfortably enjoy the services.

Not only has neck and shoulder massage, Mebuki Spa also has many other types of massage such as body massage, foot, back, head, Thai massage, acupressure, beauty, essential oil… However, neck and shoulder massage is still an image. The most popular choice.

Mebuki Spa has a neck and shoulder treatment method that makes people suffering from this disease feel comfortable and comfortable after each massage. Thanks to the skillful hands as well as the high expertise of the technicians at Spa, many people have completely cured this disease.

Just come to us twice a week, you will find positive energy again. Besides massage, we also combine massage, acupressure and use more essential oils to help you relax.

Where is the neck and shoulder massage effective?

Some questions about Mebuki Spa that many people are interested in

Choosing where to get a neck and shoulder massage is not easy, there are many people who already know Mebuki Spa and want to learn more information about this address. Here are 3 questions about Mebuki Spa asked by everyone.

Where is Mebuki Spa’s address?

Mebuki Spa is located in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. The spa is located in the center, so it is easy to find and convenient for travel. Customers can go by motorbike, taxi or car. The spa has a spacious and secure parking space.

Is neck and shoulder massage at Mebuki Spa expensive?

This is one of the issues that concern you the most. Many people still think that going to a spa massage will cost a lot of money. However, the price at Mebuki Spa is extremely reasonable and suitable for all customers.

At the same time, you massage according to the process, the price is much cheaper. Besides, we also give many vouchers to customers. If compared with buying medicine to treat shoulder pain, this method will be much more effective. It does not cost much and is not harmful to health. For detailed pricing, please contact the spa directly for specific advice.

Where is Mebuki Spa?

Does Mebuki Spa have full body combo massage?

With the 120-minute combo package, customers will experience more than 160 minutes of reality as follows:

  • 10′ Relax your feet & exfoliate your feet.
  • 30′ Deep foot acupressure.
  • 45′ Intensive acupressure & shoulder and neck treatment 650,000VND.
  • 45′ Body Massage, choose from any Thai/Shi/ Aroma or Mebuki package.
  • 15′ Hot stone massage included to help relieve pain and relax.
  • 30′ Free sauna after massage.

Surely you will be “Addiction” after experiencing this 120-minute Combo package.

Will Mebuki Spa have any incentives in the near future?

Some of Mebuki Spa’s summer welcome programs are as follows:

  • Free sauna, hot stone for combo package.
  • 5% discount on bill when customers check in Fanpage or review Google Map.
  • Experience the attractive price of the Happy Hour program.
  • Up to 15% off bill when going on Sunday.
  • Don’t miss the attractive offers at Mebuki!

Do I need to make an appointment before coming to Mebuki Spa?

You can book in advance or not. However, if you book in advance, the spa will be more prepared and serve you better. At the same time, when customers book an appointment, Mebuki Spa’s staff will advise you on the right course for you to make the best choice. Especially on holidays, the number of visitors here is quite dynamic. If you book in advance, you will be given priority and will not have to wait.

Do I have to make an appointment to go to Mebuki Spa?

Through the above article, you already know where the shoulder and neck massage is reputable and effective. Hope everyone will have a great option for shoulder and neck treatment. If you are in need of massage, come to Mebuki Spa immediately to experience the best service.

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