Prestigious – quality shoulder massage service at Mebuki Spa HCMC

Why should you choose Foot and Body massage japan Combo ?
After you get experience foot and body massage in 90 minutes within hot stone appling, customers will continue to have a free sauna with Hinoki wood that is the best combination for the combo service package. Our treatment help you to increase blood circulation, eliminating toxins for the skin, strengthening the immune system,… Your energy will get regenerate in the best way for the next working day.”
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Most people experience neck and shoulder problems but don’t know how to minimize them. Choose Mebuki Spa as a place to give your full trust in shoulder massage, so that the worry of shoulder pain is no longer your concern.


Prestigious shoulder massage

Why do you have shoulder pain?

  • The shoulders and neck are the parts that have to bear the pressure and gravity of the head, so this is a location that often experiences numbness, pain and muscle tension. Shoulder pain not only directly affects your work and daily activities, but it also reduces your health and sleep.
  • Shoulder pain often occurs along with numbness in the limbs. The pain will appear when you exercise, work and the weather changes. This disease also makes brain blood circulation problems leading to more and more severe pain.
  • Shoulder and neck pain appear mainly in office workers or people whose jobs have to sit too much in one position and for a long time. There are also objects such as porters, farmers, students… of any age, any sex can be encountered.
  • However, today there are many methods of treating shoulder pain for you to choose from. Especially, the neck and shoulder massage method is very interested and selected today.

Why do you have shoulder pain?

Why should you massage your shoulder?

Currently, shoulder massage method is being trusted and chosen by many people. Because of the unexpected benefits can be mentioned as:

  • Relieves pain in neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Reducing stress and pressure helps you feel more comfortable.
  • Regulate sleep, help you have a deep sleep.
  • Support the treatment of diseases related to the spine, cervical spondylosis, limit cardiovascular diseases, ..
  • Regulate blood, reduce stress, regulate mood, numb limbs, pain, help you feel more comfortable mentally.
  • Customers lie in a space fragrant with herbs, hot wormwood with salt. Shoulder massage therapists start with gentle massaging to warm up muscles. Then, they conduct acupressure to help open up the meridians and use hot stones to circulate blood.

Shoulder massage benefits

Shoulder massage come to Mebuki Spa – A great prestige facility for you

Mebuki Spa has a base at Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District. As a prestigious Spa providing perfect services. Modern equipment, veteran staff with Spa owner with 10 years of experience in the massage therapy industry. Mebuki Spa is a shoulder and neck massage address near District 1, easy to find, easy to go. And is visited by many customers to experience massage treatments.

  • The quality of massage therapy is perfect, improving the problems of pain and numbness, making the body and mind comfortable, the body healthy.
  • Quiet space, close to nature, customers will have moments of immersing in music.
  • Mebuki Spa is a Spa specializing in traditional massage according to traditional folk medicine methods. You can rest assured in choosing Spa treatments.
  • Healthy massage for all genders and ages, ensuring the privacy and wellness of customers. Give customers the most comfortable feeling when massage.
  • It can be said that the strongest point of Mebuki Spa is quality: We guarantee that 100% of the quality of Mebuli Spa’s shoulder massage are real movements, the order of movements follows the standard sequence.
  • The staff is experienced in the field of massage. You will be guided and consulted enthusiastically by the staff, the atmosphere is comfortable and pleasant.
  • There are countless quality treatments for you to choose from.
  • There are often incentives for customers, launching gratitude vouchers for both new and old customers.
  • Customers will experience moments of pleasant massage, relieve shoulder and neck pain without using drugs.
  • Cost always goes hand in hand with quality, reasonable price, customer service for the heart.

In addition to the massage activities mentioned above, Mebuki Spa also gives customers relaxation and comfort with a steam room. Helping to eliminate toxins and enhance the transport of nutrients inside the body. Please contact the hotline number 093.178.0865 to receive the fastest advice and support from Mebuki Spa’s professional staff.

Shoulder massage at Mebuki Spa

Mebuki Spa always receives positive reviews and feedbacks from new and familiar customers. You will not waste precious time to experience relaxing moments at the Spa. So please arrange your schedule to come to Mebuki Spa. Coming to Mebuki Spa is coming with quality, prestige and efficiency. Make an appointment now to experience the wonderful shoulder massage treatments.

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