What is Spa Massage? Massage Spas of different countries

Spa massage is a service that brings many benefits to human health, spirit and especially body. So what is spa massage? How do they affect people? Let’s find out more with Mebuki Spa!

Spa Massage 

What is Spa Massage?

Massage is a form of health care that has been around for more than 3000 years in China. Massage, if translated in Vietnamese, means “light pressure” and the word is derived from Arabic. The target audience is mainly people who are under great pressure due to work or any other reason affecting the spirit.

A spa is a place or a place of relaxation to treat illness and especially help the mind, mind, body to be more comfortable and refreshed.

With human needs, both Spa massage combined together will be completed by 5 criteria corresponding to 5 human senses.

  • Visual – see a beautiful, peaceful space.
  • Hearing – hearing soft, melodious music.
  • Smell – gentle scent makes people can comfortably relieve stress.
  • Tactile – Spa staff’s hands make it clear to feel the relaxation with therapies combined with massage.
  • Taste – special teas from different regions bring enjoyment.

What is Spa Massage?

What benefits will Spa Massage bring to us?

  • Relieve the feeling of stress after work, school hours.
  • All senses in the body are relaxed.
  • Massage therapy will help blood, muscles circulate, relax.
  • Relieve muscle pain, muscle tension, bone pain.
  • Support for stroke, stroke, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases will be significantly reduced.
  • Helps you to sleep better, relieves headaches very effectively.
  • Especially rejuvenating, toning skin, toning muscles by releasing all bad energy.

What benefits will Spa Massage bring to us?

How are massage models classified?

Massage in different countries will bring people different effects. The following are the famous massage styles of each country:

Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is considered a traditional medicine to help heal illness and relax the mind. Chinese massage is also known as qigong or ghost massage. The effects of Chinese massage are many, most especially, they help prolong life, beautify, and lose weight.

Japanese Massage

Japanese massage is also known as Shiatsu or Ashiatsu massage. Thanks to precisely finding the acupoints and acting on each part that needs to be released. In particular, this massage technique will often be used with the legs to create force to help all organs relax.

Thai Massage

Here, massage is mainly massage. Thai massage is a combination of both physical and energetic aspects. They will stimulate the energy in their body for better health. This will be quite painful but it will improve a lot with blood and bones.

Hawaiian massage

Hawaiian massage will use the Lomi Lomi massage method. Even its name shows how technical it is. Lomi in Hawaii means kneading, soothing your insides out. The technicians here will be tanned girls with wreaths on their necks along with traditional costumes. This type of massage will help you restore your health after a tiring day.

How are massage models classified?

What’s special about Massage Spa at Mebuki?

Are you wondering what is outstanding about Massage Spa at Mebuki that attracts so many customers? Mebuki Spa is one of the most popular spa massages in Binh Thanh District. The following reasons make it impossible not to come to Mebuki:

  • The location is convenient to move when it is located right near the busy area in Binh Thanh, District 1. The exact address of Mebuki is 19Z1 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh Distric.
  • Service quality is very good, with many attractive combos and promotions. Especially the 90-minute or 120-minute massage combos.
  • Always put the safety of the customer first. Therefore, Mebuki always checks that the equipment, machinery, or essential oils must be clean and safe. Especially Mebuki’s space. With a neat and sophisticated Japanese concept, the Spa is always clean and gently decorated.
  • Professionals and technicians are highly qualified, always well-trained to improve their skills. Always let customers have a feeling of trust.
  • Staff are always warm, cheerful and dedicated to customers.
  • Reasonable prices and service costs, suitable for all ages.

Massage Spa at Mebuki

If you want to enjoy the above types of Massage Spa, what are you waiting for, contact Mebuki Spa immediately! If you have any health or beauty problems, please contact Mebuki Spa!

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