What are the benefits of Spa Massage Body for you?

Currently, Body Massage is an ancient method that helps people relieve stress and pressure due to work, comfort the whole body, … This method has been transmitted to the present age. In addition, body massage is favored by both men and women at all spas. So what is the favorite method of body massage spa? Let Mebuki Spa answer your questions!

Favorite body massage

What is Body Massage?

Spa body massage is a method of spa technicians that affects the whole body. Not only massage on a certain part such as legs, shoulders, back, .. but spa body massage is performed on the entire body of a person.

Body massage uses the worker’s hand force to act on the correct vessels and acupuncture points on the entire body. Stimulating the right vessels and acupuncture points will help blood circulation. The circulation of blood helps the organs to relax as much as possible.

The body massage procedures to help comfort are: Back massage, then to the shoulders, to the arms, the fingertips and extending down the legs. At the end of the foot massage, the foot will move to the head and begin to massage slowly.

Spa massage body

The benefits of body massage spa for us

Spa body massage has good effects, so people of all ages love it:

  • Muscle tension will be relieved: The technique will affect muscle parts such as arm muscles, leg muscles, back of the neck to massage, press, and rub. Doing so will make the muscles softer and more comfortable.
  • Blood circulation is enhanced. Besides, it helps to eliminate harmful toxins in the body: helps to reduce blood pressure diseases.
  • Cure bone and joint diseases, insomnia, reduce stroke conditions, …
  • Beauty support: weight loss due to the effect of dissolving excess fat, beautifying the skin because of the use of essences and essential oils.
  • Reduce stress, stress, fatigue due to work and life pressure. This increases libido in both men and women. Besides, it helps to get back to the spirit quickly.

The benefits of body massage spa

Things to note for body massage to be more promoted

In order to increase the effectiveness of the body massage spa, the following should be noted:

  • Should perform regular body massage according to the opinion of the technician depending on the condition of each person. You need to be patient and persistent to do it at least once a week to maintain your health.
  • Need to go to Spa for body massage: Because there are experienced and well-trained people here. In addition, there is a comfortable environment here. They will combine massage with music, aromatherapy,…
  • Do not shower immediately after the massage: The body has just been released from bad energy, is resting and comfortable, so it is not recommended to take a bath right away. You can catch a cold, severe cases can lead to a sudden stroke.

Note when Spa massage body

What is special about Spa Massage Body at Mebuki Spa?

Mebuki spa always learns and captures customer psychology about body massage spa services. Therefore, Mebuki always creates favorable conditions to help customers beautify and enhance their health. Spa has very special combos to bring to dear customers. It’s a 90′ combo and a 120′ combo.

For the 90′ ​​combo, Mebuki has compiled all the massages to help customers experience both Foot and Body. In fact, the special thing when you use this package is that you will be able to use the service for up to 150 minutes.

  • With the first 10 minutes, you will be exfoliating and relaxing your feet.
  • After 30 minutes, you will be massaged by highly qualified technicians.
  • For the next 60 minutes, you will have a body massage. You will have the choice of massage sessions such as Thai, Aroma, Mebuki Signature)
  • Mebuki gives you a special gift when using this package with 15 minutes of hot stone and 30 minutes of sauna completely free.

As for the 120′ combo, you will experience this service package for up to 160 minutes.

  • The first 10 minutes you get to exfoliate and relax your feet.
  • 30 minutes with intensive foot reflexology served by highly specialized technicians.
  • In the next 45 minutes, you will receive intensive acupressure on the shoulder and neck (with the original price of 650,000 VND).
  • 45 minutes with body massage and choose your favorite Thai, Shi, Aroma or Mebuki Signature packages
  • You will be given 15 minutes of hot stone and 30 minutes of sauna by Mebuki.

Combo at Mebuki spa

Above is all the information to answer questions about Spa Massage Body. You can consult and choose the form of massage that suits your needs and preferences. If you have any questions, please contact Mebuki Spa!

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