The miraculous effects of Thai Massage cannot be ignored

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If you are planning to go for a massage on the weekend or go for a massage to help relieve stress. Then the Thai massage method is definitely a good suggestion. Today, let’s go with Mebuki Spa to find out if the method is really worth the experience.

Thai massage method

Origin of Thai massage

Unlike the name “Thai Massage”, the deep roots of this method are rooted in India. And then it was introduced to Southeast Asian countries. The creator of this method is the great physician Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha and the Buddha – the physician of King  Magadha Bimbisara. The two of them utilize the benefits of herbs, minerals and natural methods to create “Thai Massage”.

Until now, after going through many wars, books and reference materials are no longer available, this method is survived by word of mouth. One of the famous addresses with Thai massage methods that still exists to this day is Wat Pocho.

The former method is popular, favored and developed in Thailand. Later, thanks to the outstanding benefits, this method has crept to other Southeast Asian countries in the region and especially Vietnam.

Origin of Thai massage

Definition of Thai massage

Thai massage was voted as the most effective method in relieving stress and fatigue. This method is chosen by many people to support in the treatment of diseases related to headaches, back pain, sciatica. There are many similarities with the movements of Yoga as well as the inheritance of acupressure methods of traditional Chinese medicine.

Thai massage has an average time of about 90 minutes to 2 hours, you will be pressed by experienced experts on acupoints on the body. This method can also be called passive yoga or lazy yoga.

Definition of Thai massage

Magical effects of Thai massage

  • Reduce stress and fatigue: Thai massage uses gentle and flexible acupressure methods, you just need to lie down and the experts will help you relieve stress.
  • Regulating the activities of internal organs: Thai massage will be a combination of mineral herbs with acupressure method, when you get acupressure in the legs and back, it will help regulate the functioning of the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs.
  • Protecting and promoting health: Regular use of Thai massage will help you reduce stress, it can be said that during your relaxation, you will feel very peaceful. In addition, regular massage will make blood vessels dilate, making it easier for blood to circulate. Avoiding diseases such as cerebral vascular occlusion, blood clots, etc. as well as reducing pressure on the heart, avoiding muscle atrophy.
  • Help yourself become more beautiful: Thai Massage  itself is a type of lazy yoga, if you regularly go to Thai massage, you will also have a toned, hotter body. Besides, this method also helps you to remove dead cells, dull skin pigmentation. Preventing pimples, stabilizing the excretory system to help us have a shiny and smooth skin.
  • Helps joints work flexibly, without stiffness: The unique techniques of Thai massage massage are combined with comprehensive movement postures (lazy yoga) that work with joints, muscles, muscles, and joints. bones… Works to help the body have more energy, increase blood circulation, enhance the activities of joints. This can be said to be a massage method suitable for many ages.

Perhaps thanks to these miraculous effects, this method has never ceased to be hot and is always the preferred method.

Magical effects of Thai massage

Thai massage service at Mekubi Spa

Mebuki Spa is a prestigious spa located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, with a luxurious design that brings a touch of closeness to nature. Here always take pride in providing the best service to customers. There are separate rooms for men, women and even couples, ready to advise you on the best method.

In addition to the enthusiastic consultants, the experts have a lot of experience in the field of massage, will definitely bring customers the most comfortable moments.

Massage Thai at Mebuki Spa always receives high praise from customers, we have experienced professionals. Our methods combine traditional medicine with modern medicine. We always perform services from baby to adult and have a specific order. Besides, we also always practice a healthy way for all genders, with separate space for each gender.

Come to Mebuki Spa to receive the best and most genuine services. Here you will feel the moments of peace and comfort.

Thai massage service at Mekubi Spa

Today’s article Mebuki Spa wants you to have a multi-dimensional view of this massage Thai. Hope it will be an article to help you find the best massage place. Happy reading!

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