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Health care is always a top concern for everyone. In order for the body to always relax, it is necessary to take measures to support and massage is the first choice. Today, Mebuki Spa will introduce to you a strange but popular massage method that many Vietnamese people like Thai massage. Let’s learn more about this type of massage in the article below.

Thai massage method

What country does Thai massage originate from?

Thai massage originated in India, it was originally considered a traditional healing method based on circulation and energy balance. Traditional Thai massage includes influences from both Ayurvedic (Hindu medicine) and Chinese Tui Na.

This massage is also known as “yoga for lazy people”. Today, Thai massage has more or less changed in terms of treatment methods, but in general, it still retains the most quintessential traditional features.

Regular massage, you lie on the bed and the staff will apply oil to the body, massage the muscles and acupuncture points. As for Thai massage, you lie on a mat, then the staff will use techniques to influence such as stretching, massage, acupressure.

What country does Thai massage originate from?

The principle of operation of Thai massage

According to Thai medicine, along the Lotus meridians is the energy needed for the body to circulate. This energy governs the mind, body, and emotions. When the energy distribution is balanced and the whole circulatory system is working properly, you will feel joyful, happy and relaxed. As well as not feeling pain or numbness in any part. Therefore, any blockage or imbalance in the energy allocation process can cause illness and pain.

Thai massage focuses on the main lotus meridians, re-balancing the meridians. So, it helps to circulate any blockages, promote energy circulation, and increase metabolism inside the body.

The principle of operation of Thai massage

Thai massage needs to pay attention to what?

Unlike traditional massage methods commonly used, the movements of Thai massage are somewhat stronger. So it has some important issues to keep in mind as follows:

About customers

  • People with bone disease, the elderly, pregnant people, people with a history of heart disease, people with abnormal nerves should not use this method.
  • When you are in a state of being too full or too hungry or tired, you should not do Thai massage.
  • Customers should wear loose clothes and the massage room space must be absolutely quiet.
  • Before the massage, the client must relax the body, breathe regularly, relax, calm the mind, not worry, worry.

About technicians, staff performing Thai massage

  • The first requirement for them is to cut nails and remove jewelry to avoid hurting customers.
  • Based on the condition, age and gender of each customer to adjust the impact force, do not use too strong force to cause damage to the bones and joints for the customer.
  • Technicians and customers need to work closely together to get the best results.
  • In the Thai massage room, it is necessary to keep the appropriate temperature and ventilation and do not perform the massage if the environment is too hot, too dry or too humid.

Thai massage needs to pay attention to what?

What are the health benefits of Thai massage?

Thanks to the massage, manipulation, pulling and pushing movements that affect all muscles in the body, Thai massage brings the highest efficiency that other massage methods do not have. It brings a feeling of relaxation, dispels fatigue and pressure.

This therapeutic massage also helps relieve pain, relieve stress, bring comfort and relaxation. Performing Thai massage movements helps to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation systems, increasing the flexibility of muscles and joints.

Thai massage can also affect every corner of the human body. At that time, endorphins – substances in the nervous system are secreted to reduce pain.

What are the health benefits of Thai massage?

Mebuki Spa – the most prestigious and professional Thai massage address today

If you want to experience the Thai massage communication system, then this is the perfect place for you. Coming to us, you will be set up very professionally as follows:

  • Time Thai massage at Mebuki Spa takes longer than other spas, so it gives optimal results.
  • You will experience a spacious, airy space.
  • Massage techniques of staff, technicians are well-trained and in-depth.
  • The staff is enthusiastic, has a priority policy after Thai massage and always listens to the comments of customers.
  • Commitment to the right price, competitive price, suitable for all customers.
  • In addition, there are materials such as herbal sauna, body massage, massage therapy to support the treatment of joints.

Mebuki Spa- a prestigious and professional Thai massage address

Thai massage is a health care method that brings a lot of benefits. This is definitely a great experience that you must try when coming to Mebuki Spa. Hope the above sharing will bring many interesting and useful things for you.

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